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MusicThe Duo Wowy and JOLIPOLI Performs “Thien Dang” at ELLE Show

Quinn4 months ago

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If you are a fan of Vietnamese rap music, it is unquestionable that you can not be mistaken for the chameleon fashion style of Wowy when sitting on the hot seat of the show “Rap Viet”.

There were times that the audience was obsessed with his sophisticated dressing style. In any previous fashion style, Wowy always shows a strong and masculine look.

thien dang wowy elle

credit: “Thiên Đàng” MV

However, that was the story before Wowy incarnated into an awesome guy in an event he recently attended. Wowy collaborated with Phạm Đặng Anh Thư – a fashion designer, in his newest song named “Thiên Đàng”. Thanks to a pianissimo rhythm and romantic lyrics, the song was well-received and gained positive feedback right after it was released.

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wowy thien dang viet rap

credit: “Thiên Đàng” MV

“Thiên Đàng” is considered a completely different style of Wowy compared to previous MVs. The song has made a crystal change in his singing career since he was highly evaluated on his rap-life forte rather than his rap-love (he raps prominently about life and society topics).

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wowy jolipoli thien dang elle show

credit: “Thiên Đàng” MV

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Wowy once shared that “Thiên Đàng” was inspired by Minh Nhựa’s wedding in 2013 (Minh Nhựa is a businessman who is famous for his affluence and his collection of exotic cars). He also said that he labored for this poetic rap song.

thien dang wowy jolipoli viet rap

credit: “Thiên Đàng” MV

Especially, to make the tune perfectly a fit for a dreamy MV, Wowy spent more than three sleepless nights crafting the lyrics. Therefore, “Thiên Đàng” brings tremendous refreshing feelings of immersion in the art to all present audience. Within a week, the song garnered over five million views after its release. The video today has reached over 80 million views on YouTube.

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Thien Dang: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jQipab-Ddc

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The performance was magic!


Her performance in that dress and with her voice was just phenomenal 😍


They performed so flawlessly in this MV ❤️😍


@jaden_66 I can’t agree anymore 😍


This song is phenomenal 😍😍. 


This performance just made my day. ❤️ ❤️


I loved their performance it was so good 😍😍😍


@rem_subaru I agree, their Duo performance was such a great idea ☺️

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