MusicHoang Dung’s First Work “Chang Trai So Mi Hong” Mixes American Country With Vietnamese Northern Folk

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The new and hot trending singer Hoàng Duyên officially released her first work named “Chàng Trai Sơ Mi Hồng” in March of 2021.

The talented musician composing the song is none other than Hứa Kim Tuyền, the one who wrote one of the recent big hits “Sài Gòn Đau Lòng Quá”. “Chàng Trai Sơ Mi Hồng” is a unique mix of American Country Folk and Vietnamese northern folk.

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hoang duyen vpop singer

credit: Hoàng Duyên’s Facebook

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Within a week, the song has blown up to the Top YouTube trending and also ruled over numerous Vietnamese digital music charts. It has also created the TikTok trend #SoMihong which has attained over 500 million views.

hoang duyen chang trai so mi hong

credit: “Chàng Trai Sơ Mi Hồng” MV

On March 21st, to celebrate the 3 million views accomplishment, Hoàng Duyên continued to launch the dance version of the song “Chàng Trai Sơ Mi Hồng”. In this version, Hoàng Duyên elegantly performed a gracefully intricate dance that is inspired by folk dances of minorities.

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chang trai so mi hong hoang duyen mv

credit: “Chàng Trai Sơ Mi Hồng” MV

The MV’s context was filmed at the Sen Hồng stage – the name of the stage is also the kind of embodied flower that symbolizes Hoàng Duyên’s image since she started her singing career.

chang trai so mi hong hoang duyen vpop

credit: “Chàng Trai Sơ Mi Hồng” MV

The MV “Chàng Trai Sơ Mi Hồng” tells a story about a countryside girl (Hoàng Duyên) falling in love with a city guy at first sight. From that day forward, she could not help daydreaming about him. Knowing about her feelings for the guy, Hoàng Duyên’s best friends, without missing away, make every effort to help her approach and express Hoàng Duyên’s feelings to him.

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hoang duyen vpop artist

credit: Hoàng Duyên’s Facebook

However, every time they try, they fail which hilariously places Hoàng Duyên into a half laughing and half crying situation.

Chang Trai So Mi Hong:

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I think it’s a catchy song, a melodic song kk
The clothes also look so special~


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Hứa Kim did an amazing job making a mix of both cultures and song is phenomenal in every way possible.