MusicDong Nhi Comes Back With Music Video “Doi Mi Em Dang U Sau” Featuring Wowy

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Đông Nhi has launched a new product called “Đôi Mi Em Đang U Sầu” on April 23nd, 2022. In this project, she teamed up with a famous rapper named Wowy and and a creative director named Alex Fox.

The MV “Đôi Mi Em Đang U Sầu” is the most popular music product in recent days. After a day of release, the MV reached the Top 1 Trending on YouTube and accounted for all music charts.

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This music video has received over 7 million views and 135 thousand likes on YouTube and has shown no sign of cooling down. Likewise, this song has also quickly climbed to the top of the Vietnamese iTunes chart in less than 24 hours.

This MV is based on the sad love story of Trọng Thuỷ – Mỵ Châu from the famous Vietnamese legend called “Sự Tích Nỏ Thần”. Đông Nhi created an interesting and meaningful side story. In the legend, Mỵ Châu is an innocent girl who loves wholeheartedly and she was deceived by her lover. However, in this side story, Mị Châu is revived by a mysterious woman. They help Mị Châu collect strength for her revenge.

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Đông Nhi conveys an important message that everyone has the right to make mistakes in their life, and so do women. However, if women have the opportunity to correct their mistakes, they will rise stronger than anyone. In any era, women are talented and able to cope with any adversities.

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The “Feminism” message is again conveyed very clearly by Đông Nhi through the MV “Đôi Mi Em Đang U Sầu” as well as her previous music products.

Doi MI Em Dang U Sau:

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This reminds me a lot of what they do in the west but it is done so much better here. It is more tasteful and has way more meaning and creativity. 


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I like the light notes of culture mixed with modern fashion in this. The war or battle scene looks so good! 


I really love how creativity is thriving in Vietnam. I am happy to see other music and different cultures gain their own fanbases and have their own music that is appreciated around the world. Artists like her are the reason I can see vpop being just as popular as kpop in the future. 


Wow this music video is amazing! She and Wpwy did an amazing job with the song. I love how artistic and mysterious this is.