MusicJack Surprises Fans With Comeback MV “Ngoi Sao Co Don” After a Series of Scandals

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Trịnh Trần Phương Tuấn, better known by his stage name Jack J97, surprisingly made a musical comeback with the music video for “Ngôi Sao Cô Đơn” after remaining quiet for a year. The singer, born in 1997, made his public return at this point for the first time since the scandal surrounding his private affairs.

Jack continues to play three crucial roles during this time. This song was written, performed, and produced all by himself. The music video, however, was swiftly criticized by the audience for having poor music and visuals. Not to mention, the MV “Ngôi Sao Cô Đơn” has been accused of plagiarizing products of international singers.

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The melody of the MV “Ngôi Sao Cô Đơn” is not particularly fresh, much like the lyrics. Drums and a steady bottom rhythm provide the song’s reasonably quick beat. The harmony ring, which uses repeated keyboard sounds, however, gives off an outdated vibe and makes you think of the tunes that were frequently played at Vietnamese western weddings in the old time.

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An electric guitar was added to change the mood at the end of the song, but it is inappropriate and much more out of tune. Not only did the music decline, but Jack’s music video also received unfavorable comments.

Also, many scenes in the MV “Ngôi Sao Cô Đơn” call to mind the MV “Blinding Lights”, the massive hit of The Weeknd. For instance, in the scene where Jack is driving while giggling uncontrollably or when he is swaying by himself at the discotheque while wearing dark glasses.

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Having said that, the MV “Ngôi Sao Cô Đơn” has also garnered more than 30M views and 813K likes on Jack’s YouTube channel. It is such an impressive figure that not many Vietnamese singers could obtain.

Ngoi Sao Co Don:

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Another amazing song that is high energy and perfect for listening to when you need a boost. I added this to my “hype” playlist. He makes some of the best club/techno inspired music in Vietnam! 


Love it! I like this music for when I am working out or cleaning around the house. High energy stuff that keeps me moving and keeps me focused. I can’t believe how many views it got!


He is one of the most popular Vietnamese singers out there. I know people who listen to his music and don’t even listen to anything else done by a Vietnamese artists. He has that big of a reach!
I didn’t hear of the scandals though, what happened!? 


I love the music! This is the kind of music I listen to whilst gaming or working on something. It has a good energy to it and I really enjoyed the music video. Are his other tracks similar? 

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