MusicJustaTee Tricked Into Being in Phuong Ly’s Latest Music Video “ThichThich”

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Singer Phương Ly was known at the end of 2017 when she released the song “Mặt Trời Của Em” in collaboration with Vietnamese rapper JustaTee. The song quickly gained popularity and topped the weekly charts.

Seems to have a predestined relationship with rapper JustaTee, she constantly collaborates with him to release hits like “Thằng điên”, and “Missing you” and most recently, on July 24, 2022, she released the song “ThichThich”. She revealed that the “ThichThich” demo was recorded before the “Missing You” song, but because of the inspiration at that time, she “forced” her team to release “Missing You” first. And the singer took nearly 3 years to find the most suitable mix for “ThichThich”.

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Those are lovely melodies like this girl likes people and goes to confess, so the script of this MV will go in the direction of ” a girl flirts with a guy”. Throughout the MV is the mood of a girl who wants to confess and falls in love with her crush: “out there, many girls like me, need to love, need to be understood, need to a little pampering”. Sometimes, it is also a feeling of shyness and anxiety when secretly loving someone but do not dare to say it and only keeping it in her heart.

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“Do you know my heart is fluttering just because of you

But I can’t tell you, only sing

Will you love me?”

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Besides, she revealed an interesting secret, the appearance of JustaTee was a “trick” because he also did not read the script and was suddenly “forced” to be an actor. Not only impressed with the clear and lovely image but the MV “ThichThich” also makes the audience admire a series of rich and creative ideas with many different styles and costumes.

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Phương Ly has used 12 costumes, and unique transformations. Sometimes, she is “cool”, sometimes sweet and gentle, there are also outstanding parts that are “funny” like no other. The girl’s personality described by Phương Ly in the MV is very similar to the girl in love. This singer skillfully expresses the inner of girls in love, who always need to be loved and understood.

According to the audience’s assessment, Phương Ly‘s MVs are always filled with lightness and high–faulting melody, and even “ThichThich” is no exception. She always wants everyone, especially those who love her, to smile happily, and receive positive energy in return. Although there are many songs with sad lyrics, she always makes it positive, there will be no pain or torment. Like the lyrics in “Thichthich”:

After waiting many days

I hope you will be with me again, we will have fun together,

Please don’t be indifferent

Just a second away from you, I miss you

I just want to pick up the phone and call you, but I don’t dare

Because I don’t know you remember me?

This is a sad mood and confession of a girl who is earnestly loved and wants to have enough motivation to confess to her lover. But through the melody, Phương Ly has made this sadness becomes softer.

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This is also the style that she wants to aspire to. Hopefully, Phương Ly will release more MVs like “ThichThich” because her products seem to be positive energy for many people.


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The thumbnail made me thing it was going to be one of those trippy space ones. I like the way it looks but the music video being done the way it was is fine too. This is a cute and catchy song. 


This is such a cool video! I love the way it’s so simple, and the song is so catchy. And the whole concept of being tricked into starring in someone’s music video is just so funny.


So happy to see her back! I’ve been a fan of Phuong Ly since Mat Troi Cua Em over 5 years ago


This is a very relaxing and easy on the ears kind of song. Beats all the noise and everything I have been hearing lately because of Christmas season. lol 
I am going to try and put on vpop during my family’s Christmas gathering this year and see if anyone notices. Adding this one to my list. 


I love the use of balloons and flowers for an upbeat and child-like love feel. The music video was produced really well, everything was considered and it shows. The song is very sweet. I like it.

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