MusicFirst Collab: Da LAB x Phuong Ly in “Chay Khoi The Gioi Nay”

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Da LAB recently released a new MV called “Chạy Khỏi Thế Giới Này”. This is the first time Da LAB collaborated with Phương Ly.

They shared that they considered many methods and actresses many times because it depends on many factors such as schedule, orientation, and personality of this singer. This indicated that they had a serious attitude towards work for this MV. Finally, they chose Phương Ly because they thought Phuong Ly’s voice is clear, gentle, and suitable for the emotions Da LAB wants to convey.

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They did try to portray the infatuated feeling that almost every person has experienced once in their life. When we are infatuated with someone, we make foolish or unreasonable acts. It brings a little joyful emotion, lightness, and even a bit of regret.

da lab phuong ly chay khoi the gioi nay mv

photo: “Chạy Khỏi Thế Giới Này” MV

With an open ending of this product, it aroused the audience’s curiosity. However, Da LAB said they wanted to evoke slow pace, peaceful and smooth feelings. Therefore, people shouldn’t care too much about the ending. Currently, “Chạy Khỏi Thế Giới Này” has reached more than 5.4 million views, 96 thousand likes on YouTube and gained the Top 4 Trending for Music on YouTube (Vietnam).

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da lab phuong ly chay khoi the gioi nay

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photo: “Chạy Khỏi Thế Giới Này” MV

Besides, this song is also advocated by Vietnamese showbiz and the young generation. Especially, Miu Lê who attended “Gác Lại Âu Lo” of Da LAB, enthusiastically supported and introduced this MV although they did not cooperate for this launch.

Chay Khoi The Gioi Nay:

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I think the song is a nice collaboration. They seem to have good chemistry together. I hope to see them team up for more songs. I always liked seeing people come together through music. 


My cousin started playing this song at a family gathering we had yesterday and not a bunch of my family members and friends are suddenly interested in vpop! 


They did a good job with this collab. 
I don’t really listen to either myself but even if the music isn’t for me, I can admit when the song was well written and the music was done right. 


They did a great job! I have not heard anything from Ly in what seems like forever now. 
Glad to see her making music again!


It’s been so long since Phuong Ly released something. So happy she worked with one of my favorite bands.


The melody of the song reminds me a lot of a song I have heard before. I believe it was some sort of r&b love song. I wish I could remember it. I like this one though. They did a great collab together!

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