MusicPhuong Ly Releases Comeback MV “Missing You” on Her Favorite Idol’s Birthday (G-Dragon of BIGBANG)

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After a long time since the massive hits “Anh Là Ai” and “Mặt Trời Của Em” were on the market, Phương Ly is back on the grind with such a glamorous, outstanding MV named “Missing You” on August 18th.

Fans of both Phương Ly and G-Dragon saw some connections when the music video was dropped on G-Dragon’s birthday (August 18th). It is no secret that Phương Ly is a VIP as she has stated before that her favorite Kpop idol and group is G-Dragon and BIGBANG.

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gdragon phuong ly who you

source: Phuong Ly’s “Missing You” MV

In the music video, she is seen holding a sign with the words “Who You?” which is also the title of one of G-Dragon’s song released six years ago. Could this be a song dedicated to her favorite idol? If you have ever kept track of Phương Ly’s Facebook and other activities of her in showbiz recently, you may realize that “Missing You” is a long-nourished production that was well-prepared for ages.

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phuong ly vpop missing you music

source: Phuong Ly’s Facebook

Before the song’s official release, Phương Ly intentionally changed her profile and background pictures on Facebook, then snuck out its teaser video with a spontaneous, engaging name putting audiences on suspense. It was clear to see that all those things prepared for such an imposing comeback of this young, charming and talented vocalist.

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phuong ly missing you vpop music

source: Phuong Ly’s Facebook

After all previous divulgation of many documents revolving around a longing such as a spiritual moment “11:11”(11:11 PM), word line “Missing You” and a short melody with a sentence “nhớ anh…”, the song melody itself was made tremendously sweet to express a yearning of a cute girl towards a man she loves.

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phuong ly missing you mv


Phương Ly has her signature style of making music videos which always makes her dominant among a bundle of young vocalists in the Vietnamese music market. In particular, two former music videos of her, “Anh Là Ai” and “Mặt Trời Của Em”, were filmed in terms of using the vertical angle technique.

phuong ly missing you


The commencement of the MV “Missing You” is a story of an enigmatic character who is spying on a girl with a telescope, thereby, every move of this girl all falls into someone’s eyesight such as gardening, painting, and even her little cute dance. Then everything starts from there.

phuong ly missing you vietnam pop music


The aesthetic is one of the indispensable elements tremendously impacting on the popularity of “Missing You”. It is not exaggerated to say that every detail of the MV itself is impeccable, from the background to clothes that were used in the MV. Besides, Phương Ly emerged with a redhead that is even more rebellious and the most fetching she has ever been.

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missing you phuong ly vpop mv


With such a positive, jubilant melody along with the adorable theme, “Missing You” once again expresses Phương Ly’s signature style on the music career path. Her playful, adorable and charismatic personality shines through this MV. Within a few days since the song was officially released on YouTube, it garnered more than nine million views, and also is sitting on top 3 on Zing mp3.

Missing You:

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This song is really cute. The melody of the song stays in my head all day long. Whenever I have free time, I sing this song