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MusicJuun Dang Dung Sheds Light on Domestic Violence in His Comeback MV “So Rang Em Biet Anh Con Yeu Em”

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The song “Sợ Rằng Em Biết Anh Còn Yêu Em” is a mild ballad with the lyrics full of emotion performed by Juun Đăng Dũng and the music composed by Vương Anh Tú. The music video “Sợ Rằng Em Biết Anh Còn Yêu Em” was released on February 7th 2020 on JUUN Dang Dung’s YouTube Channel.

The music video “Sợ Rằng Em Biết Anh Còn Yêu Em” is attended by many famous people such as Mai Chí Công (The Voice Kids program), Trà My (the main actress of the movie “Vợ Ba”), Thành Đạt (The Wings band) and Chế Nguyễn Quỳnh Châu.

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In the MV, Mai Chí Công was a gentle boy and he was easily bullied. Randomly he meets a neighbor girl, and then, he falls in love with her. The Vpop MV describes a beautiful and pure love, and also strongly criticizes domestic violence. Simultaneously, the music video “Sợ Rằng Em Biết Anh Còn Yêu Em” is a man’s confidences, he has to hide his sentiments and feelings so that the girl whom he loves can be happy and cheerful next to the new person.

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Juun Đăng Dũng shared: “Juun hopes that after watching the MV, the audiences will recall a beautiful and pure first love, even though the life sometimes has the happenings that we can’t anticipate”.

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Due to the warm voice and the sad melody combine with the significant content, the music video “Sợ Rằng Em Biết Anh Còn Yêu Em” received many positive comments from the audiences. The Vpop music video “Sợ Rằng Em Biết Anh Còn Yêu Em” currently has over 16.3 million views on YouTube. Let’s enjoy this outstanding song like other songs of Juun Đăng Dũng such as “Không Còn Bình Yên”,“Tình Mây Ngàn”,“Cuội Khờ” and “Được Tin Em Lấy Chồng”.

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So Rang Em Biet Anh Con Yeu Em: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybfq5gtvnj0

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