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MusicLe Bao Binh Released the Song “Tinh Yeu Chan That” With a Familiar Story

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On June 28th, singer Lê Bảo Bình returned to the Vpop track with the MV “Tình Yêu Chân Thật”, quickly taking the online community by storm and achieving great milestones in terms of views and YouTube views.

Lê Bảo Bình is no longer a strange name to young audiences who love Vietnamese music. This male singer has left a huge mark in the industry with his songs reaching millions of views. Besides, Lê Bảo Bình also emerged as a phenomenon of making music on social networking sites and received special attention from the public.

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le bao binh tinh yeu chan that vietnamese pop music

Source: “Tình Yêu Chân Thật” – Le Bao Binh

Lê Bảo Bình‘s songs that have slayed the online music community just to name a few are: “Yêu Vội Vàng”, “Hỏi Thăm Nhau”, “Xa Nhà”, etc. His songs have lyrics that are relatable to most people and an inspiring and inner voice that touches the hearts of many people.

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le bao binh vpop singer

Source: yan.vn

Although most of Lê Bảo Bình’s songs are about separation, few know that this singer as a very happy private life with his family. Lê Bảo Bình revealed that he has been married since 2010 and now has two children, one of which is 7 years old and the other is 3.

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le bao binh vpop artist

Source: Le Bao Binh’s Facebook page

The male singer also added: “I’m going to make a short film and a few more music products to send to the viewers who love Lê Bảo Bình.”

Tinh Yeu Chan That: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLF6gumQV7s

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