MusicLe Bao Binh’s Pop-Ballad Song “Thich Thi Den” Rose to Top Trending on YouTube (Vietnam) With Over 72M Views

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On April 4th, Lê Bảo Bình officially released new MV named “Thích Thì Đến” after a series of big hits such as “Bước Qua Đời Nhau”, “Lá Xa Lìa Cành”, etc. This production marked the imposing comeback of this young talented vocalist.

As the same with many previous songs, “Thích Thì Đến” once again is all the rage. The song was composed by a fresh musician named DC Tâm.

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le bao binh thich thi den mv


Even though he is not a sought-after music composer in the Vietnamese music market, DC Tâm also owned some most-streamed songs like “Lỗi Cho Em”- 65M views, “Nỗi Đau Từ Một Người Đến Sau” – 25M views, and “Chỉ Là Anh Đang Mơ”- 13M views.

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DC Tâm has stuck with the pop-ballad genre in his musical path, so “Thích Thì Đến” is also not an exception. The song belongs to this kind of music genre, and even additionally combines pop music with modern bolero music.

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thich thi den le bao binh


Perhaps, due to the inherently moving tone of this kind of music, making it a little bit more enjoyable to many audiences. The melody, moreover, is much of a pianissimo song, so there are no needs of an outstanding voice to perform it. The song fits with all ages. There is a fun, positive fact that many netizens commented that after the Covid-19 pandemic, they would go karaoke and certainly pick this song.

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The content of the Vpop MV revolves around a habitual topic related to breakups in the relationship. There is a man who is tormented by thinking of his last relationship. The reason that left him with a heartache is that the girl he loves does not attach much importance to his presence. She goes back and forth whenever she wants to, and even though she already leaves, she still sometimes gives him a glimmer of hope that she would return. Additionally, Lê Bảo Bình paid much more attention in evolving the images of this MV compared to some prior MVs and bringing itself a resounding success.

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le bao binh vpop


On Zing MP3, the audio version of the song reached the 1st rank of #zingchart real-time within 82 minutes after the release. It has become the happening song with a record-breaking speed in 2020, and even beat “Hơn Cả Yêu” of Đức Phúc. More to the point, its MV has gained over 36M views within two weeks since it was unveiled and held the top on YouTube trending consecutively for 15 days.

Thich Thi Den:

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