MusicLil Z Poet Talks About Finding His True Love in “Ngay Em Den”

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Lil Z Poet released a new MV called “Ngày Em Đến” on May 14th, 2022. This song has received only over 150 thousand views and 3.1 thousand likes on YouTube.

If compared with “Yêu Từ Đâu Mà Ra” MV, this MV has not caught on with the young generation. However, the audience also gives great comments for him because this song owns a sweet and gentle melody. Besides that, they also praised his appearance. At this time, he looks more attractive than his past self. The audience raised the question of whether love made him become a better version of himself.

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Different from his previous MV, the content of this MV talks about his current lover. He shared that one day before she entered his life, his world has no joy because someone brings infatuation for him and then dumps him quickly. He had to overcome some difficult periods to heal his soul.

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At that time, he did not believe in love. However, his current lover came, and she used all her sweetness to heal his soul and made him feel better. Fortunately, he realized that he had found his true love so he opened his heart again.

Through this song, I want to mention that if you can not heal your soul after a bad love, don’t worry about this. The universe will bring a special person to you who will come and heal your soul through unique ways.

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Ngay Em Den:

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A friend of mine is obsessed with this song. Almost every time we are in her car, I hear it on the radio playing. I swear she has it in every one of her playlists. I liked the song but she burned me out on it! haha


I like these kinds of chill songs that speak from the heart. I hope he does more like this. We need more honest music from the artists themselves. 


Yeah, the song does seem short for what it is. I remember when songs used to be 5 or 6 minutes but most seem shorter these days. 


I wish this song was longer. It’s so good but not even 3 minutes long.


I prefer this look for sure. He really can pull off that down-to-earth, easy-going style and calmness. The song is really beautiful too! :)


I think the melody behind this one is very good. He has a good voice for singing songs like this. Also, the music video really sets the vibe. I love the darkness it has to it, feels real like you are sitting there with him. 

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