MusicMiss Grand Vietnam 2019 Debuts As A V-Pop Star In Her First Music Video “Thich Hay La Yeu Con Chua Biet”

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After a period of pursuing music, Miss Grand Vietnam 2019 and runner-up of Miss World Vietnam 2019 announced her first MV and officially debuts as singer LONA.

Since Miss World Vietnam 2019, runner-up Kiều Loan has increasingly affirmed her beauty and talent. Kiều Loan has tried her hand at many major singing playgrounds and achieved many impressive achievements. One of her outstanding achievements is that she reached the Top 10 of King Of Rap 2020.

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Her MV is called “Thích Hay Là Yêu Còn Chưa Biết” which released on March 10th, 2022. This exciting song was mixed with many genres of music such as RnB, Latin, hip hop, and EDM. “Thích Hay Là Yêu Còn Chưa Biết ” is highly appreciated for its musical elements by popular Vietnamese artists.

The song “Thích Hay Là Yêu Còn Chưa Biết” was composed by Đạt G, mixed by Producer Kent Trần who accompanied Lona at The Heroes. In particular, Kiều Loan collaborated with rising rap artist Ricky Star. So far, it has achieved 1.2 million views and 16 thousand likes on YouTube. This is a good sign for a new singer like Kiều Loan.

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The MV’s content talks about the girl’s feelings for a boy. She wants to know more about that guy. However, liking or loving him, she does not know yet. So, when that guy requested her phone number, she wonders if she should give it or not.

Many people think that she should not be a singer but Kiều Loan as well as her CEO Phạm Kim Dung thinks differently. They think that there is no wrong for a beauty pageant contestant to pursue a singing career. Kiều Loan shared that “I have a dream of singing. Besides, I have beauty, I need to take advantage to pursue my dream.”

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Thich Hay La Yeu Con Chua Biet:

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Such a catchy song!! This is the first time I know her through this song


The song is really good!! I am going to have this one stuck in my head for days. I would not have known she was part of a beauty contest. 


yoooo this is fire! She can sing, dance and she’s sexy as hell!


i like this song


I still don’t think she should have been a runner-up, she should have won. She has a really beautiful look to her and she is so talented, smart, and clever!


This has a very artistic vibe to it. The song itself is catchy for sure. I am impressed! I would not have ever seen her doing something like this. 


I think her transition into a Vpop idol will be successful, despite being a supermodel. Some people are multi-talented like that because they put in the hard work.


Lona Kiều Loan is has a lot of sex appeal for me. 

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