MusicNal Releases New Song “Thuong Nhau Toi Ben” Surpassing 15 Million Views

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Nal, the owner of the massive hit “Rồi Tới Luôn” which holds the top 1 #zingchart for five weeks in a row, officially released the new song “Thương Nhau Tới Bến”.

Within one day after its launch, the song already reached 5th place #zingchart real-time on Zing MP3.

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The song “Thương Nhau Tới Bến” was produced in the Cha-Cha melody that is inherently energetic and appealing to many music lovers. The track was instrumented by the diverse sound of the Lithophone, electronic guitar, trumpet, etc.

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thuong nhau toi ben nal

credit: “Thương Nhau Tới Bến” MV

It is known that “Thương Nhau Tới Bến” was written and performed by Nal himself. In comparison to his previous hit “Rồi Tới Luôn”, the song “Thương Nhau Tới Bến” is expected to earn higher places on numerous Vietnamese music charts.

nal thuong nhau toi ben vpop

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credit: “Thương Nhau Tới Bến” MV

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“Thương Nhau Tới Bến” is a perfect mix of major components in the musical cultures of Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia, according to Nal’s share. This kind of combination is unique and is rarely seen in Vietnamese music.

The song’s content revolves around a romantic relationship of a couple who is madly in love, yet is torn between when it comes to getting married. As he loves her more than anything, he makes efforts to convince her to give him her hand in a sincere, clever and exultant way. It is obvious to see that Vietnamese southern slangs are utilized quite a lot in the song “Thương Nhau Tới Bến” as those words traditionally bring out the exclusive and intimate vibes inside people.

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Thuong Nhau Toi Ben:

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I really enjoy listening to him music, it has a strange charm. Within a year, this him has released about 10 songs, even more surprisingly, all of them have huge views. I think because of the bustling melody, the lyrics are authentic and easy to remember.


OMGGG. This song so cute. awwww


He’s past 16 million views now. Think he’ll reach 20 million? I think he will. 


@carson That would be awesome. He’s still at 16 million, but maybe he can reach 17 and then 18. I wonder if he could hit 20 million soon. 


It’s such a lovely and marvelous song by NAL. He is One of the most talented singers.