MusicS.T Son Thach and Binh An Battle for the Love of Le Hang in “Sai Nang”

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Vpop continued to have a half-hearted love story in a new MV by S.T Sơn Thạch. On the evening of November 3rd, S.T Sơn Thạch officially released a new MV entitled “Sai Nắng” that marks his return to the Vpop arena in November.

This is an MV with a “twist” that makes the audience shocked when the love story once again became a competition between two boys over a girl.

sai nang vpop


Also featured in the MV “Sai Nắng” this time is Bình An – a close teammate of ST Sơn Thạch in the program “The Amazing Race”. The song is composed by musician Dickson featuring young rapper Seachains – one of the artists of the  multi-million hits music video “Simple Love”. Besides that, “Sai Nắng” was directed by the familiar young director Gin Trần who has directed many popular Vpop music videos in the past.

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With a funky pop-dance melody and humorous story, the “Sai Nắng” MV has brought the audience a fresh breeze amidst many tearful drama stories in recent years in Vpop. Furthermore, S.T Sơn Thạch impressed the viewers with his new long platinum colored hair.

sai nang le hang vpop


“Sai Nắng” is a story of competition between two brothers S.T Sơn Thạch and Bình An to win the heart of their neighbor Lệ Hằng. A series of pranks by the two boys to win the right to be her boyfriend in the MV makes people excited, from fighting wildly to mixing enema into food, tying shoelaces, borrowing the hands of the girl’s own child to mess with each other. But the ‘twist’ at the end of the Vpop MV when the girl they were competing for left them hand in hand with another girl. The reaction of S.T Sơn Thạch, Bình An and the child actor boy when they realized their hard work was very comical.

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sai nang st seachains vpop sai nang


Besides the beautiful image, the misspelled title “Sai Nắng” also made the audience pay special attention since the release of the teaser. To explain the title that raised everyone’s speculations, S.T Sơn Thạch wittingly said: “Because S.T wants the audience to be curious about the title and watch the MV to understand why there is such a name!”.

st son thach vpop


This is the same as when watching the teaser, many viewers speculated that “Sai Nắng” will be the MV telling the love story between Bình An and S.T Sơn Thạch, but the male singer had a very powerful twist in the end. True to the spirit of the Brown team in The Amazing Race is “The Brown Team cannot predict it”. “Sai Nắng” promises to become a new keyword for young people to refer to the wrong love in the future.

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When a series of music products by other artists constantly debuted and reached millions of views, but S.T Sơn Thạch’s latest MV reached a modest 2.3 million views after a week, he shared: “he isn’t under any pressure, he makes the MV keep his promise to the fans that he will give a nice and thoughtful MV every year.”

Currently, after the MV of “Sai Nắng (Crush)” is released, S.T Sơn Thạch will continue the promotional activities for this music product as well as prepare for the next music projects.

Sai Nang:

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Have you seen the Sài Nắng MV yet? It’s not just about the love triangle but also the cool visuals by Gin Trần. S.T Son Thach and Binh An are not just singing. they’re acting too, adding so much depth to their performance. What do you think of it?