MusicNew Group DREAMeR (Phi Phuong Anh, RIN9, and Miina) Officially Debuts With MV “BUON Khong The BUONG”

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DREAMeR is a new group consisting of 3 members: Phí Phương Anh, RIN9, and Miina. On April 11, 2022, the group had the first product called “BUỒN không thể BUÔNG”. The song is about a girl who loves her lover so much that she can’t let go.

“BUỒN không thể BUÔNG” opens with the sound of pouring rain, combined with a passionate hook and a quiet rap part. This is a ballad/R&B song composed by RIN9, with the warm vocals of RIN9 and Miina. Phí Phương Anh takes on the narrative rap part.

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Inspired by the story “The Girl Who Sells Matches”, the MV “BUỒN không thể BUÔNG” depicts loneliness, coldness, and the desire to meet the people that the main character loves the most.

buon khong the buong dreamer mv rin9

photo: “BUỒN không thể BUÔNG” MV

The MV was also built by Phí Phương Anh and DREAMeR in a minimalist style. True to the spirit of the song’s title, throughout the MV is an image of a girl struggling with her sadness of separation, sometimes appearing in many romantic scenes in the past with deep regrets.

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The lyrics of the song are very good but also sad, especially the questions that have no answers:

What sadness is more painful than the sadness that cannot be let go?”

“Why do you still love someone who has stopped loving you?

Why have you never loved yourself?

Besides, the wonderful melody of the song “BUỒN không thể BUÔNG” is reminiscent of the old style of K-pop songs.

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The DREAMeR group said, “The 3 members of the group really appreciate all the audience’s feedback for their debut product. The team members will always read and absorb everything, and try to do their best to make it more and more perfect everyday, launching better quality products in the near future.”


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Posted by: @mrzero

The music video is okay. Nothing special to me about it but I am picky about music videos. The song itself is catchy and easy to get stuck in your head. I do like it. 

Yes its ok. In my opinion, it is worth listening to because it has something to do with it.


A lot of stuff they do seems to be a copy of Blackpink from the Kpop scene.


DREAMeR must be super new cause I have not even heard of them yet in my vpop circles! The song is really good and catchy. Has a fresh sound to it and you can tell the group meshes well together. Going to have to keep an eye out for more of their work!


@teresanguyen Indeed! I am on a few other forums as well and no one had been talking about them. I made a thread and only 2 members knew who they were!


I think sad love songs are a good way to start out fresh. I have a feeling they will blow up in a few years. They must be super new cause my Discord vpop group hasn’t talked about them yet!


This is a really nice song. This is their first music release? 
I will have to keep an eye on the group and see what they do next. I never heard of them either. 


I like the rap part. It was not expected and it brings the entire song together. I have never heard of this group before but I will keep an eye out for more of their music in the future!


The music video is okay. Nothing special to me about it but I am picky about music videos. The song itself is catchy and easy to get stuck in your head. I do like it. 

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