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MusicPhi Phuong Anh Causes a Stir in Controversial Butterfly Dress in “Canh Buom Doi Gian”

Quinn6 months ago

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After releasing the MV “Cắm Sừng Ai Cắm Sừng Em” on February, Phí Phương Anh officially came back with the latest MV named “Cánh Bướm Dối Gian”.

The song is written by RIN9 and also gravitated a flock of Hot TikTokers including Lê Bống, Trần Thanh Tâm, Tun Phạm, BEO, Dương Thanh Vàng, Đức Hải, and DJ Tin.

canh buom doi gian phi phuong anh vpop music

credit: “Cánh Bướm Dối Gian” MV

There was a seething sensation since the initial moments when the MV “Cánh Bướm Dối Gian” was launched. Many comments said that Phí Phương Anh wasn’t clever in utilizing delicate words to name the song. Moreover, there is news saying that Phí Phương Anh purposely set the scene to pick a fight with ViruSs in the attempt of advertising for the song.

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canh buom doi gian phi phuong anh vpop mv

credit: “Cánh Bướm Dối Gian” MV

The MV was staged at a secondary school, and Phí Phương Anh played a role of an innocent, gorgeous cheerleader who falls in love with a handsome schoolboy. However, the boy only pretends to reciprocate her love, but unflinchingly refuses it behind her back.

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phi phuong anh canh buom doi gian vpop mv

credit: “Cánh Bướm Dối Gian” MV

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Because of that, Phí Phương, and her girlfriends, Lê Bống, Thanh Tâm, set a plan to give him a hard punch on a nose. They announce to have a party to trap him. As expected, he is rapidly caught in a snare. Immediately, Phí Phương Anh and her team flatly chastised him without any hesitation.

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phi phuong anh canh buom doi gian butterfly dress

credit: “Cánh Bướm Dối Gian” MV

Even though the MV was boisterously advertised, Phí Phương Anh still received tons of unsupportive comments. It is said that the song’s lyrics are relatively plain and unmeaningful, and also the dance is uncreative to watch.

Canh Buom Doi Gian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nH_GMngQfzw

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I don’t like the melody of this song very much, I feel it’s messy 🤔🤔


Hmmm maybe this melody is not my type :((


Loved the story of the song. I have been through the same situations in my life and yeah it can be hard sometimes but when you glow up everything changes 😇


@sienna_davis true that girl 💯. Glow up’s do make a huge difference. 


It’s a cute song 🙂


Loved every bit of it. Like it was beyond my Expectations. 💯


Its lovely. I’m amazed that now a days it’s easy for artist to come out like these guys were Tiktokers. It’s amazing how things work now a days.


@jaden_66 times have changed so I guess good things like this song are gonna be a common. 


This is good MV. Like I was sceptical of it at first but it gets better. 



It’s a pretty good song. I’m digging it. 

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