MusicTage Brings Out the Honies and Sends a Message of Stop Being Envious in “Ganh Ti”

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Tage released his first music video named “Ganh Tị” which revolves around the story of what he has done to become where he is today.

A burning passion in dedicating to the Vietnamese music industry can be seen in every single word he wrote.

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tage ganh ti rap viet

credit: “Ganh Tị” MV

Besides, he also pulled his finger at dishonest journalists and people who are jealous of his success.

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tage ganh ti vietnam rap

credit: “Ganh Tị” MV

The song is a solid statement that Tage is now ready to confront all enemies, and he will not hesitate to do anything to protect himself. Additionally, the lyrics also mention the issue of utilizing Rap music as a means of advertising – a sensational topic among Vietnamese rap/hip–hop lovers caused countless conflicting opinions.

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ganh ti tage viet rap

credit: “Ganh Tị” MV

In this production, Tage has made his view unambiguously at first that his passion for hip-hop will not change even when he might receive unsupported comments or hasty criticism.

ganh ti tage vietnam rap music

credit: “Ganh Tị” MV

Moreover, the MV “Ganh Tị” was also filmed meticulously and professionally with the participation of many A-list singers such as Tlinh, MCK, Gonzo, and the “Rapital” music crew. Particularly, the scene that Tage and his friends together sitting in the car in the middle of the street reminds people about Tupac Shakur, an immortal personage of the world’s Rap/Hip – hop industry.

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Ganh Ti:

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He shouldn’t have snaped like this at haters. But I guess they were throwing some heck of hate at him for no reason. 


@rem_subaru yeah true it’s hard facing haters. Since all of them are just spreading negativity like a wild fire. 


It’s how he has to got out loud at haters. Like why hate the guy just let him do his thing. 


@walikirito it’s not how haters work. But I hope they all stop giving the guy this much hate that he had to make a song so he could shut them up. 


Damn that’s a strong message to the haters. I better find out why people hate his work. Like most of Tage’s songs are good but why the hate. 


@jaden_66 true it’s a pretty solid message to not mess with him. 


The song has a solid message against haters and should be. Like why be jealous of the guys success he did it all by himself. 


@hangmoon37 that’s always like this haters will always be haters. Regardless of the artist. 

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