MusicRookie Vpop Idol Uyen Ngo Transforms From Mutant Fish to a Beautiful Girl in Debut Song “Yeu Khong Can Tra Gia”

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Uyên Ngô’s full name is Nguyễn Ngô Phương Uyên and was born in 1995. Uyên Ngô studied in Myeongji and received a scholarship that compensated up to 50 percent at Myeongji University.

In 2018, She captured attention when she received a casting invitation from SM Entertainment in Viet Nam. She did not accept that invitation because she wanted to focus on her career path in Viet Nam before casting in Korea.

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On December 14th, 2019, she officially released her first debut Vpop MV named “Yêu Không Cần Trả Gía”. This is a combination of composers Trang Pháp and Lục Huy which reserved the song just for Uyên Ngô.

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Uyen Ngo released “Yêu Không Cần Trả Gía” with a modern sound that is both youthful and suitable for her age (the style that she aims to build on).

This MV’s content is based on a scientific experiment that changes animals into people. Immediately, this study becomes successful. A fish changes into a gorgeous girl. Then, she appears in a tropical forest and meets a handsome guy (played by Vương Anh Ole). She overcomes many difficulties pursuing him. She thought that they would have a sweet time when they are beside each other. However, unfortunately, an accident happens when her crush transforms into a cat and eats her. Maybe, her message is when you love somebody with all your heart, you will give all things without thinking. Despite the sad things.

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Although Uyên Ngô’s Vpop MV has 1,000 likes and 2 million views, she received many useful feedback from audiences. She also shared that after she had read the information around social networks, she had felt stressful when she launched the first MV. It is admittedly true that she had to practice more and more to produce better products in the future. She wants her fans and audiences to continue to support her in the Vietnamese music market.

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Yeu Khong Can Tra Gia:

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