MusicSHOTS FIRED! Orange Comes Back To Vpop With “Ok Anh Dung” After Drama With Her Previous Agency

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Orange officially is back on the music game after a rumor-mongering with an entertainment agency that she was working with back then. Noticeably, this music video is to open fire on Châu Đăng Khoa.

On July 10th, after a long year missing in action because of a scandal with Châu Đăng Khoa’s entertainment company, this young, talented female Vietnamese vocalist surprisingly came back with a new, dynamic music video named “OK Anh Đúng”.

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orange ok anh dung vpop

source: Orange’s Fanclub Facebook page

The song was also composed and performed by Orange herself. Besides, the MV was undertaken by DuongK in terms of audio production. It is not exaggerated to say that DuongK is a “music wizard” because he could also expose the whole enigmatic implication of the song only by musical notes.

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orange vpop artist

source: Orange’s Fanclub Facebook page

Many people said that the song had such an ear-catching melody, especially the chorus in the repetition of such a sentence “OK Anh Đúng”.

orange ok anh dung vpop mv

source: Orange’s Fanclub Facebook page

Moreover, Orange also contributed a pivotal part in the resounding success of the song with an impressive rap part, which is considered an outstanding point upon the whole. The Vpop MV “OK Anh Đúng” tells a story of a girl (starred by Orange) who is deeply in love with a “lady killer”.

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ok anh dung orange vpop music

source: Orange’s Fanclub Facebook page

In the MV, the guy was flirting with an adorable waitress in the presence of Orange and many other people at the party. Yet, it does not stop there, he even has some excessively flirting action with that girl in front of her, even though she also shows an uncomfortable face. Ultimately, when the guy shows the intention to embarrass Orange at the party table, she rises for herself right away.

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ok anh dung orange vpop

source: Orange’s Fanclub Facebook page

Besides, one of the best scenes in the MV is the moment when the guy gives Orange a “love contract” to keep her by his side. In particular, the content of the contract says that: party B (Orange) shall have to compensate for party A (her boyfriend) 700,000 USD (VND15,5 billion). Ultimately, Orange cannot stand him any longer and burns the entire room along with the love contract.

Ok Anh Dung:

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From the ICD’s performance over here. Orange’s voice is so beautiful, even beautiful sole.

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