MusicThieu Bao Tram Releases “Chung Ta Lam Ban Duoc Khong?” the Sequel to Her Previous Hit Song

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Continuing the success of her previous single “Sau Lưng Anh Có Ai Kìa“, Thiều Bảo Trâm made her fans cry again with the MV of a girl living in memories with her ex-lover.

The singer Thiều Bảo Trâm released her new music video “Chúng Ta Làm Bạn Được Không” on June 7th, 2022.

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This was also the same day that she launched her second album, “After You”. This is after the success of her song “Sau Lưng Anh Có Ai Kìa”.

This MV is a continuation of the previous product. It deals with a woman’s pain after a breakup, but she still remembers her love and returns to places they once went together to recall the beautiful memories.

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Thiều Bảo Trâm creates a list of things to do before ending this sad love. Even though her ex-boyfriend is getting married to another girl, she wears a wedding dress and attends his wedding party.

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Chung Ta Lam Ban Duoc Khong?:

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My friend refers to her as the Vietnamese Barbie Doll. She is very beautiful and her music just never disappoints. She is up there in my eyes as being one of the best. 


Your friend has good eyes because I can see her resemblance to a Barbie doll 🤣🤣


Such a good song. I am shocked it only has 3 mil views. It has been out for a month now. I would have expected it to be over 10 mil by now. 


She never delivers a song that disappoints. I may not be her biggest fan but she is easily one of the best female artists in Vietnam. 


I am not sure if this would be insulting or not but she reminds me so much of Mariah Carey in her earlier days. Just more traditional. 


I was wondering when she would be back. I think it was worth the way though, love this track!
I just wish artists in Vietnam released more music, more often. 


This is a really good follow-up. I like how it kind of paints a story between the two music videos. I prefer stuff like this. Beautiful song!


Every song she releases is good. I’ve never heard a bad song from her.

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