MusicThinh Suy – the Singer Behind Hit Song “Mot Dem Say” Releases Unique Song “Chuyen Rang”

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Suddenly appearing in “Khui Beck’s Ice, săn vàng chất” program, c launched a new demo called “Chuyện Rằng”. After that, he premiered its teaser, with many colorful images and bossa nova melody creating curiousness from the young generation.

Until August 8th, 2020, Thịnh Suy officially released an MV called “Chuyện Rằng”. It is an attractive product that has marked his comeback to the music market since the single “Mai Mình Xa” launched in 2019. However, contrary to what he announced earlier, the new Vpop song has a relatively gentle and deep Indie/Pop sound with the sweet voice of Thịnh Suy.

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chuyen rang thinh suy vpop music

source:  “Chuyện Rằng” MV

Shared about the way of shaping his music style, he wittily compared that composing songs is like a hunting gold game, in which the song “Một Đêm Say” was the first diamond he found on his journey.

chuyen rang thinh suy vpop mv

source:  “Chuyện Rằng” MV

It is undoubtedly true that “Chuyện Rằng” shows that Thịnh Suy and his team invested a lot of time professionally. The music video was prepared carefully. Moreover, the retro color, which is chosen in this music video grabs attention from the audiences.

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chuyen rang thinh suy vpop

source:  “Chuyện Rằng” MV

The content talks about a guy flirting with his crush through catching a mouse. In that story, Thịnh Suy transformed into the “mouse” character with many funny and unique poses.

thinh suy chuyen rang vpop

source:  “Chuyện Rằng” MV

This is a spectacular chance of the young singer Thịnh Suy. He feels confident enough to escape from the timid boy wearing a dark hat and holding a guitar. He is brave to lose the uniqueness of his style to try a new style which is vastly different and colorful. At the same time, with new fresh performance, Thịnh Suy promises that in the future he will have a more significant transformation in his music style.

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Chuyen Rang:

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