NewsWeChoice Awards Releases Album ‘Vita-Mood’ With Many Famous Underground Artists Like LyLy and The Chillies

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WeChoice Awards – The annual award organized by VCCorp Joint Stock Company, with the desire to honor the people and to tell the most inspiring stories, events, products and constructions that have a positive impact on the community.

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On January 8th, WeChoice Awards shared their theme album of the year called vita-mood. vita-mood is the combination of vitamin for mood. In this album, there are five songs in total, including: “Tập Thể Dục” (Doing Exercise) of Kiên, “Vì Em Là Con Gái” (Because I Am A Girl) of LyLy, “Đường Chân Trời” (Horizon Line) of Chillies, “2004” of Cá Hồi Hoang and “Love 1216” of Thịnh Suy.

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tap the duc kien vpop


In “Tập Thể Dục”, Kiên wants to bring a spirit of doing exercise and encourage young people to practice hard and not to be lazy. “Why don’t we go out and get more experience, dream more, do more and love more?” -Kiên.

lyly vi em la con gai vpop music


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In the second song, LyLy wants to explain the reason guys have a hard time understanding girls. Sometimes it may seem like a very difficult math problem but it’s quite simple, the main reason is “Because I Am A Girl”.

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duong chan troi chillies wechoice vpop


In “Đường Chân Trời”, Chillies brought a romantic love story in the sunset with the aim at encouraging young people “when you are young, just love, be passionate, be fooled because we have the right to do that” – Chillies.

2004 ca hoi hoang vpop


In contrast, “2004” of Cá Hồi Hoang wrote about a time in the past. In this song, Cá Hồi Hoang brings a little deep, sad and nostalgic story. Everyone has had a past, with passion, with days looking up to the blue sky to dream about another horizon, to look back and to ponder.

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love 1216 thinh suy vita-mood


The final is “Love 1216” of Thịnh Suy. Thịnh Suy is a young artist of this year who has been successful with “Một Đêm Say” and “Thắc Mắc”. The number 1216 was once used to talk about an angel in Western mythology – an angel who reminds all beings to live as if today was your last day to live.

All the songs in this album bring positive feelings and encourage the audience to always live and work with a positive attitude.


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