NewsVpop Singer Hoa Minzy Fined 7.5 Million VND for Sharing Fake News Related to Coronavirus Pandemic

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Vietnam recently reintroduced the preventative measures after recording the first infected case in around three months.


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After that, there has been news surfacing on social media intending to increase the public awareness of the pandemic.

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(source: on Hoa Minzy’s Facebook)

However, some people exaggerated or posted the fake news on the internet, and Hòa Minzy also fell victim to it and shared the fake news to her countless fans.

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(source: on Hoa Minzy’s Facebook)

After that, she immediately contacted Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information and Communications to be punished a 7.5 million VND fine which is roughly $323.

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(source: on Hoa Minzy’s Facebook)

Hòa Minzy said that she was very negligent and now has to be held accountable for giving accurate information to the readers.

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After her mistake, I hope that the readers will be careful in choosing the information to trust on the Internet. As of today, the resurgence of COVID-19 in Vietnam has reportedly taken their first 2 victims.

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Although this is an incident, hopefully she will be more careful with the information she shares with everyone.


We need a law like this in my country because fake news is getting out of hand here