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MusicTRENDING: New Female Vocalist Huyen Tam Mon Releases Hot Song “Pho Da Len Den”

Quinn4 months ago

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Netizens have been amazed by a memorable name of a new female vocalist of Vpop – Huyền Tâm Môn.

Noticeably, her initial song “Yêu Em Nhiều Hơn Mình” was exclusively written by one of the most popular singer-songwriters K-ICM.

Huyền Tâm Môn, a 17-year-old girl, is a talent of the ICM entertainment company. A few months ago, Huyền Tâm Môn even had stage fright, but soon after she was trained professionally by the producer of ICM, he completely changed her into a legitimate singer. That was proven when Huyền Tâm Môn performed perfectly at K-ICM’s birthday party on July 12th.

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On June 16th, Huyền Tâm Môn officially released her latest MV “Phố Đã Lên Đèn” and it has soon become a massive hit ever since. The plot of the music video “Phố Đã Lên Đèn” is calm and romantic, which is made by following the Korean romantic love style. The MV depicts the tormented feeling of a guy who has fallen in love with a girl, but he has never confessed his feelings. Even though his affections are not reciprocated, he does not intend to give up on her. He continues on the lookout for the love of his life. The song’s final lyric elicits a spectrum of emotions: “Khoảng cách sẽ không xa nếu ta xem nhau là tất cả – Distance means nothing when we genuinely care for each other”. The way Huyền Tâm Môn processed high and low notes are rather unique and professional.

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Her technique processing high notes is simplistic but enthralling. The tune and words appear to be soothing and comforting to the audience’s emotions. Although the song “Phố Đã Lên Đèn” is not a flawless production, it means more than a gift that Huyền Tâm Môn wants to send to her fans.

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Not only does she write songs, but she is also capable of playing musical instruments professionally. Huyền Tâm Môn, in K-ICM’s perspective, is a talented fellow student, and he was startled by what she presented so far.

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Pho Da Len Den: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhlMOw-RGZo

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I was really carried away by it but I just cant get the meaning of “tình yêu nằm ngang của anh…”
Is it playing on words?


@arian me too. Idk what it means. 


Both the songs are amazing but I love Yêu Em Nhiều Hơn Mình the most it’s just so much relaxing ❤️


That song you mentioned is a gem! I wonder why it has so little views, it’s so good.


@thanggalang people mostly go for advertised songs don’t know why. But they don’t experience the exceptionally amazing songs theirselves.


@aang_avatar yeah that is kinda true. 


@aang_avatar yeah that is kinda true. 

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