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MusicSpaceSpeakers Return With JustaTee x Rhymastic “Ta Con Day”

Quinn6 months ago

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With the MV “Ta Còn Đây”, SpaceSpeakers, a Vietnamese music group consisting of JustaTee, Rhymastic, and Slim V, officially came back to Vpop.

Those are the three popular names in the realm of underground music. Each of them has a distinct musical style that distinguishes them from other groups in the Vietnamese music industry.

justatee rhymastic ta con day

credit: “Ta Còn Đây” MV

Although the video was only released recently, it was well embraced by the public at large due to its captivating melody. The song is about these guys’ wild dreams and aspirations, and how they constantly pursued them while encountering numerous challenges and life traps without losing sight of their genuine colors and identities.

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justatee ta con day vpop

credit: “Ta Còn Đây” MV

JustaTee, who has a skill for impressing audiences with his straightforward, honest, and simple lyrics, is credited with popularizing underground music in Vietnam. Furthermore, while being one of Vietnam’s most well-known music producers, JustaTee has managed to keep the characteristics of his unmistakable voice. The music video for “Ta Còn Đây” is not about a couple’s love or self-love.

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ta con day justatee

credit: “Ta Còn Đây” MV

It illustrates one person’s devotion to their aspirations and desire to shine and share their values with the world. The song effectively energizes the listener from the start, with such an ear-catching and unforgettable tune.

ta con day justatee rhymastic

credit: “Ta Còn Đây” MV

“No matter how rich and powerful you will ever be, you are successful when you can become the person you used to dream of when you were 18,” JustaTee once said of the message he wanted to portray in this MV. JustaTee wanted people to realize that no matter how horrible life gets, they should never give up hope and keep believing in themselves.

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Ta Con Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Zn-efVbcAs

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This MV gives out a vibe that you just wanna pack your bag and go travel I love it. 


Ooooo this is cooooool that all these groups are back to making music again ❤️💜

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