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MusicTien Tien And Her Very New Appearance

Annie3 years ago

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Tien’s new look completely makes her fans surprised and curious. A few days ago, Tien Tien just uploaded a new post about her trip to Sapa on Instagram. However, the thing that makes her fans surprised is her new appearance – she shaved her hair off.

Whenever her name is mentioned, most Vpop lovers will think of her short, curly hair and tomboy style, making her different from other Vpop singers.

Tien Tien's new hair

Tien and her new hair (Credit: Tien Tien’s Instagram)

ca si tien tien vpop

Tien Tien is a Vpop singer who has clearly adopted a tomboy fashion style with her short curly hair (Credit: Internet)

Also, in the new post, she attached the caption: “No more sad songs, no more sorrows. Dear Obsession, We are done”. Many of her fans are very interested in their idol’s new look but they also are curious to know why the 91-born singer decided to cut her hair: “What happened to you?”, Hey Tien are you so stressed out?”, “You look “handsome” or “You look so cool! It would be a new trend this year LOL”. Some of her fans even want to cut off their hair like their idol.

In her last concert taking place on Valentine’s Day in Ha Noi, Tien Tien hit the stage with a beanie as well as in her own style like we have seen before. When seeing her new look, netizens guessed that maybe it is the reason why the owner of the song My everything wore this hat all the time in her concert.

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Tien Tien valentine concert

Tien at her concert on February 14th in Ha Noi

Tien Tien is an extremely multi-talented artist in the Vietnamese pop world. She is not only good at singing but also composing music as well. Tien’s songs are causing a “storm” whenever they come out. Some of her best-known songs are: “Đi về đâu”, “Chắc anh đang” (ft.Trang), “Em không thể”, “My Everything”, “Về với em đi”, “Say you do” that have made quite a name for herself in Vpop.

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Recently, she held two concerts, one in Sai Gon and one in Ha Noi, titled “Chill with me” which features the likes of Đen Vau, Vu, Trang, JustaTee, Suboi and Kimmese. All the tickets were sold out within 2 days of launching.

  Tien Tien concert

Tien has a successful concert (Credit: Tien Tien’s Instagram)

We can’t wait for more good quality productions from Tien Tien in 2019

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