MusicTrending on TikTok: Huyen Tam Mon’s “Tinh Da Day Mot Tim”

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Huyền Tâm Môn is a new name in the Vietnamese music market who quickly gained the attention of young people when she released a series of hits such as “Yêu Em Nhiều Hơn Mình”, “Phố Đã Lên Đèn” and “Lần Hẹn Hò Đầu Tiên”. It illustrates that Huyền Tâm Môn has a new musical mindset that suits the music market these days.

She also shared that when she was a young child, she had a passion for music. After graduation, she made an important decision that developed herself to become a professional singer.

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Besides, the ability to compose and sing, Huyền Tâm Môn can play musical instruments such as piano, guitar and Cajon drums.

Huyền Tâm Môn has released a new product named “Tình Đã Đầy Một Tim”. It has reached over 1 million views and 18 thousand likes on YouTube.

“Tình Đã Đầy Một Tim” is now available on all streaming platforms. Despite short lyrics, this song is very viral because the “Tình Đã Đầy Một Tim” melody is attractive. Therefore, it became a trendy song quickly on TikTok.


Một phát ăn ngayy 😋 @nguyenchichien DC:@sayhijudy 🥰

♬ Tình Đã Đầy Một Tim – Huyền Tâm Môn

The content of this song talks about the girl’s thoughts when falling in love. She hopes her crush can come with her and end her celibacy by becoming her lover. Through her cute accent, Huyền Tâm Môn conveys sweet emotions and positive energy to the audience, especially young people who have just fallen in love.

Tinh Da Day Mot Tim:

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Love the song and the style. I saw this a few days ago.
As for the video being blocked, there is likely a block on YouTube. You can just use a VPN to bypass it. 


The video has been blocked for me. I am unable to actually watch it do the copyright issues. Is there another place I can watch and see it? 


@thirdstrikeiii Same for me. I am not sure why. I tried to find it on YouTube but I can’t. I wonder if Vimeo may have it or another platform for videos. 


Wow, it is so nice! {emoji}:happy:  


I enjoyed this song and her other song Pho Da Len Den


You’re vibing with Huyen Tam Mon’s tunes? Nice pick! Have you checked out her other track Pho Da Len Den? It’s fire! If you’re into her style, you’re in for a treat with that one! Keep those musical discoveries coming!