MusicVietnam’s Queen of Hip Hop: Suboi Releases Visualizer Video for Her New Album ‘No Ne’

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After a long time of planning, Suboi officially launched her latest album called “No Nê”, marking her imposing comeback to the Vietnamese music market.

There are no other singers invited to perform in all the rap songs in the album because it is all about Suboi and her rapping career.

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The album “No Nê” particularly demonstrates the ups and downs in the journey to becoming a female rapper of Suboi. It is considered a lengthy, harsh but rewarding journey that Suboi has been through to get where she is today.

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suboi no ne album

credit: “No Nê” MV

The female rapper also shared that the inspiration of the MV came from many different sources, but mainly from the love and gratitude inside Suboi’s heart towards her true followers.

no ne suboi album

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credit: “No Nê” MV

A full set of flavors is also used to depict all kinds of emotions in the songs. “Bitterness denotes holding on to the past, spicy represents anger, salty represents experiencing unexpected mood fluctuations, sour represents the unpleasant parts of their relationship, and sweetness represents happiness”, Suboi shared about her album.

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There are nine songs in the album No Nê, and most of them were filmed by Zach Golden, Pat Pat Mccusker, Bill Scher in New Your city. Differently, the last piece was made by producer Nodey Nguyen – Suboi’s husband.

suboi no ne vietnam hip hop

credit: “No Nê” MV

Previously,  Suboi already released “Nếu Công”,” Cho không”,” N-Sao?”, “Bet on me” and ” Sickerrr”. Recently, she continued to launch the rest of the album that includes “Best friend”, “Lava”, “Ngày lại ngày” and “Diều”. “No Nê”  has now been available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon Music, and Kkbox.

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Through 35 minutes of the album “No Nê”, Suboi’s fans will have the opportunity to know more about her inner transformation and recreation during nine years since she started following her dream – becoming a rapper.

No Ne:

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I like suboi because of her strange way of rapping


only Su would dare to make products like this


Her music is freakin modern !! Lots of love xx


Too quality, It’s true that Suboi is always innovative and unique


Really beautiful song and I love the detail in the music video. I feel like this kind of art style is lost on a lot of people in other countries. Really enjoying this one!


Wow, what a song, seriously impressed here. Will be checking her music out going forward. :)