NewsMIN Changes Her Hair Color To Red for Upcoming MV “Tren Tinh Ban, Duoi Tinh Yeu” (TTBDTY)

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Without warning, MIN suddenly released a teaser named “Trên Tình Bạn, Dưới Tình Yêu” on October 30th. More surprisingly, she changed her hair color to red which makes her fans very excited about what’s to come in this Vpop MV.

It is considered a big change for MIN as she is most known for being a sweet girl with a lovely voice.

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min tren tinh ban duoi tinh yeu teaser vpop news

(source: MIN’s Facebook)

There are no lyrics in the teaser, however on her Facebook, MIN wrote some sentences like “Starting with friendship, then going to a love relationship. Is it ok in the middle without definition” or “We have known each other for a long time, understanding each other’s habits. Although it is not a love relationship, it is above friendship”.

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min tren tinh ban duoi tinh yeu vpop news

Could this be part of the lyrics in her new MV?

min ttbdty tren tinh ban duoi tinh yeu vpop news.jpg

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(source: MIN’s Facebook)

Now, the teaser has attracted over 26 thousand views. Besides, it is labeled as teaser 1, so the audience strongly believes that there would be a teaser 2 or more.

min ttbdty vpop teaser

(source: MIN’s Facebook)

Let’s support her official new product scheduled to premiere at 9:00 p.m on November 5th, 2020.

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Tren Tinh Ban, Duoi Tinh Yeu:

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Friendzone is a feeling that is both safe and uncomfortable. Both sides have the same idea but think that the other side only considers you as a friend because they are afraid that if they say it out, they will lose the friendship 😣😣


She looks fantastic with red hair. I wish I could pull off red hair like that myself. The song is also really good. Props to her! {emoji}:shy: