NewsPrivate Live Concert of Hoang Rob Took Place in One of the Most Luxurious Places in Ho Chi Minh City

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Hoàng Rob is a famous violinist. In the last five years, he has been highly appreciated because of his talent. In recent years, Hoàng Rob has become popular among young people because he combined classical music with the violin in modern music.

He had some popular songs that were successful collaborations with other singers like “Chờ Anh Nhé” (Hoàng Dũng), “Thế Là Thôi” (Lê Hiếu), etc.

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hoang rob violinist concert

Violinist Hoàng Rob (source:

On January 9th, the private live concert of Hoàng Rob was held in a yacht in Ho Chi Minh City. “Viễn Du” is the name of this concert and in Vietnam, Hoàng Rob was the first violinist to have his own contemporary violin concert.

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hoang rob yacht concert


Hoàng Rob shared that he wants to hold the first Contemporary Live Violin Concert on a yacht in Vietnam to offer a unique music experience with a limited number of guests. This time, the musical trip will take place in the luxurious space of Saigon Princess Cruise, located on the romantic Saigon River. In the concert, he said that he had held some concerts before in Sơn Đòong Cave (Quang Binh Province, Vietnam) and Ba Vi mountain range and one day, when he was walking across the Saigon river, the thought about a concert on a cruise suddenly flashed to him. That was how this concert “Viễn Du” came about.

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vien du hoang rob concert


In this Vietnam concert, there are two special guests: Diva Hà Trần and Bùi Lan Hương. Hà Trần is a familiar face because she has collaborated with Hoàng Rob before in albums Hừng Đông and Trò Chuyện.

In nearly two hours, with Palladio, Everest (the GEN9 band), Tiếng Vọng, Tiếng Đêm, Mưa Bóng Mây or Đối Thoại (performed with artist Trần Văn Xẩm), Vi Vu (with singer Bùi Lan Hương), Mây Bay Cuối Trời (with Hà Trần), etc. Violinist Hoàng Rob brought a space of Vietnamese music that is soaring, poetic and also full of excitement.

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He also shared that in 2020, he will have many exciting projects and he hopes that everybody will support him in making them successful.

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