MusicAMEE Determined to Conquer B Ray Through the Summer MV “Den Da Khong Duong”

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AMEE’s “Anh Nha O Dau The” has not yet cooled down after just 1 month since its release which marked the appearance of AMEE in V-Pop, which reached nearly 50 million viewers yet she has already released another song for fans to enjoy.

A new release is added to Project DreAmee which is titled “Den Da Khong Duong”. Since the success of hits such as “Ex’s Hate Me” and “Anh Nha O Dau The”, this talented duo AMEE and B Ray have been shipped together by the fans. Through the sweet scenes in this new MV, their fans will continue to push them closer together. This is also the first time B Ray participated in acting with the character of a gentle guy rather than the usual clean cut rapper image.

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den da khong duong vpop mv


The lovely lyrics were composed by the beautiful female composer Lyly, the owner of the song 24H. In addition, the MV was made by director Khanh Vu, “Den Da Khong Duong” brings the taste of pure summer which was shown through the images of a young girl having gentle emotions of love at age 19.

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amee bray den da khong duong


We can also see the change in the appearance of AMEE from the spring princess in “Anh Nha O Dau The” to becoming the innocent and modern summer girl in “Den Da Khong Duong”. According to producer Aiden Nguyen, the crew decided to exploit a close aspect of her with simple scenes and gentle clothes that fit for her, not “flashy” like the spring princess.

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den da khong duong viet pop music


This is also the second project in the 4 season series that AMEE debuted in this year. This 4 season project of her shows the diversity in the images as well as the acting of the 19 year old singer. Through each song, she further asserts the diverse style that she is pursuing on her artistry path.

Den Da Khong Duong:

Den Da Khong Duong (Dance Practice):

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