MusicBigDaddy and Emily Drink to Confess Love to Each Other in New MV

Arian5 years ago

On this Valentine 2019, BigDaddy and Emily released an extremely lovely and popular song on Youtube, which is the music video “Mượn Rượu Tỏ Tình (Borrow Wine to Show Love)”. This song cuts to the heart of young people on this Valentine season.

BigDaddy and Emily have known each other since 2009 when BigDaddy returned from Russia to Vietnam. At that time, he was still not famous, but Emily was known for many hot songs like “Xin Anh Đừng (Please Don’t)” and “Imma Heartbreaker”. The two of them came together with pure feelings, though not rich but both were very happy. But then they broke up, each one choosing their own path.

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By the fateful year of 2015, they met again in Saigon with friends. They work together in a group, and then they rediscovered their initial love for each other. It has been four years now, their great achievement is their growing career and their children, a boy and a girl, so cute.


The Picture was posted in the first day of Lunar New Year 2019 (Instagram)


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The small family of BigDaddy and Emily (Instagram)

The song Mượn rượu tỏ tình (Borrowing wine to show love) is the music video that the couple want to give to those in love at the beginning of the year. The vpop song has an underground style, with a series of images that capture the moment when the couple goes out to drink, walk and shoulder each other on the street.

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The sweet kisses on the street (Youtube)

The song is a composition of Tien Cookie and BigDaddy, a pop genre R&B song with a gentle melody mixed with romantic words. The song creates an impression and appeal to its listeners.

“Em mượn rượu tỏ tình đấy, thì sao nào?

Em yêu anh yêu anh đấy, thì sao nào?”

“ I drink to say I love you, so what?

Yeah I really love you, so what?”

I hope that after listening to this song, the couples will be happier like BigDaddy and Emily. We wish their small families a happy and successful year.

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