MusicErik Reunited With Khac Hung in the Newest MV “Bao Gio Du Lon” About a Father-Son Relationship

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Erik came back on the music game with a new music video called “Bao Giờ Đủ Lớn”, and the song was composed by the Vietnamese hitmaker Khắc Hưng.

On September 22nd, Erik surprisingly released the new MV “Bao Giờ Đủ Lớn”. The song is considered as a completely different project compared to the most previous production of his.

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erik bao gio du lon vpop mv

source: “Bao Giờ Đủ Lớn” MV

There is no exploitation in the men-and-women love stories, instead Erik brought out a moving anecdote of family member bond, specifically about a sacred tie between father and son. The song was written and harmonized by such a renowned musician Khắc Hưng. He poured a full spoon of exultation and jubilation into the whole song that could wholly express a great love of a son to his father.

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erik khac hung bao gio du lon vpop

source: “Bao Giờ Đủ Lớn” MV

The Vpop MV revolves around the life of a father and son throughout the past to the present. Specifically, Erik played the role of a stubborn, mischievous adolescent boy that always made his father concerned about him. Contradiction frequently happened in the house because of the age gap and character difference between them.

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erik bao gio du lon

source: “Bao Giờ Đủ Lớn” MV

Besides, the son did not understand that his father kept him in such a strict upbringing as he loved and wanted him to grow up and become a fine person. Only when he grew up, he realized that he was growing safe and sound thanks to the protection and upbringing of his rigorous father. The video fulfilled with all the moments of blissful and sweet memories of this father and son. The moment that they had lunch together and played around with some adorable animals on a motorbike is a masterpiece of the whole MV.

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erik bao gio du lon vpop music

source: “Bao Giờ Đủ Lớn” MV

Moreover, the scenes, the father had to stay up the night because the son went out with some bad people, evoke an obstinate childhood of many listeners. Erik also shared that he genuinely saw himself and his juvenile memories somewhere in the role of the protagonist.

Bao Gio Du Lon:

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