MusicKhoi Releases Latest Love Rap Song “Hai Dam May”

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Trịnh Hoàng Nam (Khói) was born in 1992. He is a phenomenal rapper who has become famous for his knight-errant appearance and bass voice.

Moreover, he collaborated with many other prominent singers and created tons of massive hits such as “Chân Ái” with female artist – Orange.

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khoi hai dam may viet pop

credit: “Hai Đám Mây” MV

Recently, Khói officially released his latest MV “Hai Đám Mây”.  Being written with an ear-catching melody expressing the loving feelings of a guy. After the song launched, it instantaneously placed in the Top Trending on YouTube, even though it was not advertised boisterously.

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hai dam may khoi vpop

credit: “Hai Đám Mây” MV

Khói once shared that he spent almost six months writing lyrics for the song. Because it meant to be a narrative song about love – a ubiquitous topic, he wanted to make it even more exclusive among other tracks on the market.

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khoi hai dam may

credit: “Hai Đám Mây” MV

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Although most of the rap songs of Khói did not involve any intentional advertisement project, it still happened to become one of the massive hits ruling over numerous music charts thanks to the mindfulness and meticulously of Khói in composing the lyrics.

khoi hai dam may vpop mv

credit: “Hai Đám Mây” MV

“Hai Đám Mây” is a solo project that Khói and his production crew had collectively nurtured for long. In his previous music video, he always wrote the beat and lyrics himself. However, with the song “Hai Đám Mây”, Khói also worked with Machiot, a talented producer – musician – singer, to blow the spirit into the tune.

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Hai Dam May:

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He has a face full of emotions.😟😟


I did really into rap music when I was at highschool. I think rap music contains a lot of feelings and emotions.


Chân Ái was a good song with Orange but this one is even better 😍


@rem_subaru it was an amazing song and I agree this song is a good one as well. 


It’s an okay song for me. Like his last production was better in my opinion. 


I’m a fan of his raps and man this one is really good. 


His raps get exponentially better and better. I just Love his music. 


@aang_avatar I know right. They just keep getting better as you keep on listening to the song. 


It’s a pretty good song. But what’s the inspiration behind it?

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