MusicNew Song From Bozitt “Lo Mai Nay” Unleashes The Sweet Melody That Is So Meaningful

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Bozitt collaborated with LilGee Phạm once again for a new product named “Lỡ Mai Này” released on April 7th, 2022. Up to now, it has reached over 134 thousand views and 1.4 thousand like on YouTube.

LilGee Phạm is a singer, songwriter, and producer who collaborated with many famous artists such as Kelvin Khánh, Khởi My, Vương Anh Tú, Nhật Tinh Anh, Anh Quân Idol, etc.

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bozitt lo mai nay

photo: “Lỡ Mai Này” MV

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The content of this song is about a boy’s confessions to his lover. The sweet memories left in the boy’s head, the beautiful moments with his beloved, the fun times, and the bright grin of the girl who loved him, are all depicted in “Lỡ Mai Này”.

bozitt lo mai nay mv

photo: “Lỡ Mai Này” MV

Besides, the guy also wants to remind his lover that if they cannot accompany each other in the future, the girl should know how to take care of herself and love herself. Do not let sadness lose herself because he hopes that his lover is always happy even without him. Bozitt has drawn mild but no less meaningful recollections that might touch listeners’ emotions with his charming and sympathetic voice.

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Although Bozitt is an up-and-coming Vietnamese singer, he tries his best to bring perfect works to the audience. There have also been many remixes of his songs that captured millions of views such as Nợ Ai Đó Lời Xin Lỗi (Freak D) with over 48 million views. Particularly, each of his musical works is like a story with lots of emotions and thoughts. It is also one of the reasons why his songs become popular with the young generation.

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Lo Mai Ngay:

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This is no doubt an amazing song. Thumbs up to you Bozitt and LilGee for this masterpiece. We hope you guys work on more projects together in the future because we can’t get over this track.


Thank for posting this! Bozitt is a genius! {emoji}:smile:  


I will be honest, I thought the driving was cheezy at first. Like it seemed so lazy from a filming standpoint but I watched it a few more times and it ended up wearing me down. I actually think it fits the song well and sets the mood. 


@lofire It isn’t just you. I think the same. The song is great but the music video feels too dated. I guess I got exposed to this too much already, this kind of trend in music videos. 


A friend of mine heard this in the background when we were playing a game together and wanted to know what it was. She ended up really liking the song. She has never listen to v-pop much less k or j-pop so it is a new experience for her. I think he will do this for a lot of new fans. Get them interested in the genre. 


Such a good song. I have been playing it almost every day since it came out. I added it to my playlist on YouTube. I can’t say I have felt a single song by him has been bad.


I was not expecting it when I heard about it. I listen to the song a few times now and I LOVE IT! Such a deep, emotional, but beautiful song. 


I like the music they paired with the vocals on this one. Did a solid job of really highlighting the talent here. 


his songs are so addictive! Makes me want to sing along.

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