MusicThis Song Slaps … “Em Iu” by Andree, Wxrdie, Binh Gold and 2pillz

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Andree subtly revealed a new MV through some pictures on his Facebook on January 28th, 2022. Andree posted an announcement that he was about to meet “Em Iu” (honey).

Remarkably, on the evening of January 28th, Minh Tú supermodel posted a status: “Eating New Year’s Eve with a close friend”. Minh Tú’s best friend is no other than male rapper Andree – who is also her ex-lover.

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andree 2pillz wxrdie binh gold em iu

credit: “Em Iu” MV

In the picture, both of them were having dinner together. Until January 30th, the official MV called “Em Iu” had premiered to mark a new milestone in Andree’s career and possibly his love life.

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Andree shared that this song was born when Andree, Wxrdie, Bình Gold and 2pillz were enjoying themselves on the beach to welcome the new year. Moreover, the MV was made in only 12 hours. This is also the first time they have collaborated on music.

andree em iu

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credit: “Em Iu” MV

Besides, Andree also revealed a great deal about 2Pillz’s attitude and work ethic. 2Pillz is a young male producer who has also collaborated with young potential rappers and artists.  He not only is talented but also has a serious working attitude and a passion for learning.

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em iu andree mv

credit: “Em Iu” MV

Moreover, the audience also compliments other rappers. Like Andree, they said that he always got some impressive points in his verse that made listeners replay this song many times. Or Bình Gold, an audience member who commented that his rhyme is good and simple but the flow is very catchy.

The song “Em Iu ” has made an enormous impression on the audiences with its catchy sound, attractive melody and strong rap lyrics. Although the official MV was basic and simple, the rappers focus on melody and rhyme to make this song eye-catching. Furthermore, this product swiftly increased to the top of YouTube Vietnam’s top trending list with over 1 million views and 31 thousand likes and has created a new trend on the TikTok app.

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Em Iu:

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Not something I normally gravitate to but I really am enjoying it. It is one of those songs you can workout to which is great. 


These are all new names to me. I am going to have to check out their other work. This is really catchy and gives you some good energy and nice vibes.


Wow, more and more v-rap is becoming a thing! I wonder if vpop fans are encouraging the growth. Great song either way, and I am not big into rap!


The lyric is quite strong but really catchy. The rappers did a great job