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MusicTiA Gets Mixed Reviews From Fans for Her MV “Cong Chua Tren Nuong” Featuring Thanh GiT

Quinn10 months ago

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TiA (TiA Hải Châu) has just released a new music video named “Công Chúa Trên Nương” – a song composed by herself.

This song used to be performed once by her on the stage of Vietnam International Fashion Week. Belonging to a dynamic harmony that evokes a mountainous atmosphere, the song “Công Chúa Trên Nương” spiritually supports women in the 4.0 industrialized age.

tia cong chua tren nuong vpop artist

source: TiA’s Facebook

Those women are independent, self-confident, and always strive to prove themselves in today’s society. Even though they have to work harder to achieve their goals, they can still find happiness and positiveness in their struggles.

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tia cong chua tren nuong mv

source: “Công Chúa Trên Nương” MV

Therefore, Tia Hải Châu wishes to show her respect to ladies who are living in remote areas in particular, and to all women in general. She also will not allow the social prejudices to stop her from pursuing her dreams and likings.

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tia cong chua tren nuong vietnamese pop music

source: “Công Chúa Trên Nương” MV

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The track is a laborious work of Tia Hải Châu, so she is determined to make the MV although many co-workers told her not to do so. In the MV, Tia incarnated a minority girl in a strange-looking dress that is still a pattern of brocade, but the dress gives TiA Hải Châu a contemporary and energetic look.

tia cong chua tren nuong

source: “Công Chúa Trên Nương” MV

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Besides, The “vó ngựa” dance is also considered a highlight of the MV itself which became a trend on social media. One more intriguing thing is that the buffalo mask also appears in the MV.

tia cong chua tren nuong vpop mv

source: “Công Chúa Trên Nương” MV

It represents a better year in 2021 (buffalo is the zodiac animal of 2021).

Cong Chua Tren Nuong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZ3s2x5FXpA

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The song sounds so funny and cute, it’s like a new debut song.


Her voice is quite attractive but the music n MV is not really my type..


I guess this has it’s own vibe to it. Plus it’s more directed towards women power and I support that. I don’t care what other people say bad about it I fully support it. Keep amazing songs like these coming. 

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