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NewsBinz Previews Demo for New Rap Song in Recording Studio and Asks Fans To Name His New Product

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On September 13th, 2020, Binz released a demo video and did not forget to have the audience help him name his product.

binz demo 2020 viet rap

source: Binz demo 2020 video

In this demo, Binz is in the recording studio and performs a short part of his new product. Although he wears pink clothes with a hat and a t-shirt, there is nothing sweet about him besides his rap verses. Conversely, Binz looks so cool in this outfit.

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binz demo 2020 vietnam rapper new song

source: Binz demo 2020 video

It cannot be denied that the lyrics are a challenge when listening to the video because it is very hard to understand and catch each verse. Some listeners even asked for the lyrics of this video; yet, many audiences confidently named the product “One More Song” or “Drop On Top”.

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binz rapviet vpop

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source: Binz Facebook page

Being a hitmaker, Binz has created many trends, therefore his fans believe that this product can defeat all the music charts in the coming time.

Demo 2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nm_pE53mjRc

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nice songs, love them!


Listening to demo is also good, I don’t care about his new product. Just good luck with it Binz <3 


I just watch him dance, I can’t hear anything, every time I watch the lyrics, I must watch the lyrics 

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