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NewsJack’s New Fan Club Group Reaches 100,000 Members in 24 Hours and Fans Love His New Look

Quinn1 year ago

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After a long time on hiatus, Jack finally is back with a vengeance on social media. Jack came back with a big change in his appearance, sharing that: “I could make a myriad of sweet sayings to butter the audience up, I did not do it though”.

On June 27th, it was announced on Jack – J97‘s Facebook page that their new FC group reached over 100,000 members in less than 24 hours. Currently, his FC (Đóm Family) on Facebook is at over 133,000 members.

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Jack, known as one of the young, talented singers who has a huge following list in the Vietnamese music market. For that reason, every action of him on social media, as well as in real life, will always be particularly noticed by his fandom.

jack j97 vpop

source: Jack’s Facebook page

Having said that, after the unwanted clash between Jack and K-ICM, he seemed to share less about his private life and daily photos on social media. Up to now, Jack has surprisingly emerged with a new appearance that is even much more handsome and attractive than before.

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Particularly, the performer of the massive hit “Sóng Gió” also posted a state of mind on Facebook: “I could make a myriad of sweet sayings to butter the audience up, I have never done it though. Because my audiences believe in me, and know who I am”.

jack j97 vpop singer

source: Jack’s Facebook page

Jack has been known as a considerate, modest person, so this sharing of him again earned a plus in the people’s hearts.

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jack j97 vpop artist

source: Jack’s Facebook page

It is proved when his post received 130K likes within an hour after he posted it. After such a tough time with the scandal between K-ICM, eventually, Jack is back on his feet, and is living happily. Recently, he also appeared with a fresh look when doing charity with his admirers.

Jack (J97)’s FC group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FanClub.Jack/

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