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NewsSon Tung M-TP Gets Cyberbullied by Toxic Korean Netizens in the Comments Section of “Hay Trao Cho Anh”

LyLy1 year ago

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“Hãy Trao Cho Anh” is one of the outstanding products of Sơn Tùng M-TP which created a big hit around the world receiving over 200 million views on YouTube. However, some days ago, some Korean netizens sent many negative and impolite comments on his MV.

Some hateful comments published by Koreans netizens mentioned: “Son Tung is trying to be a Kpop star”, “this song is terrible”, “this must be plagiarism”, “far behind Kpop” and “#1 in Vietnam but this song would be #300 in Korea”. After that, the majority of Vietnamese fans immediately went in to protect Sơn Tùng M-TP from this unworthy situation.

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hay trao cho anh vpop kpop

(Some Vietnamese fans protecting Sơn Tùng M-TP – source: Youtube.com)

The Sky Community (Sơn Tùng M-TP’s fan community) used hashtag #StopBulling_SonTungMTP and #ApologizeToVietNam to disagree with this bad behavior. It is rumored that the Korean community RuliWeb was behind this attack on Sơn Tùng M-TP and Vpop because someone expressed that they preferred Vpop over Kpop.

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hay trao cho anh vpop kpop battle

(source: Youtube.com)

ruliweb son tung mtp

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(source: Youtube.com)

Although there are many rude comments from Korean netizens in the comments section of “Hãy Trao Cho Anh”, many from Korea have been polite and supportive of Vpop.

hay trao cho anh son tung mtp kpop vpop

hay trao cho anh vpop kpop comments

(Koreans commenting on the MV – source: Youtube.com)

Particularly, they apologized to Sơn Tùng M-TP and Vietnamese fans for this behavior and do not forget to say that most of them want to be friends of Vietnam. There are also many Korean YouTubers who have built large YouTube channels by reacting to Vpop music videos genuinely or vlogging their life in Vietnam.

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hay trao cho anh comments

(Thai commenting on the situation – source: Youtube.com)

Each person has their own opinion and perspective; therefore, we should respect the culture, customs, and lifestyle of each region, and let’s remember to be a polite person in any situation.

“Hay Trao Cho Anh”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knW7-x7Y7RE

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I don’t understand how Koreans are saying he is trying to be like a Kpop star from this MV. This music video and song remind me A LOT of Latin pop. Are Koreans copying music trends from other regions (namely the Americas) and claiming it as theirs now?


It was a anti-fan of him who posted a bragging post on a korean right-wing site. Koreans wouldn’t even bother about Son Tung MTP, but the post had some provocative quotes. Like saying Vietnam should ban Kpop, Vpop will overtake Kpop soon and some video clips of him in his early days when he were swagging a lot. 


Expensive cost does not make an expensive-proof song


Your music is generally excellent. You are skilled. I have known you since 2011 You are truly attractive and skilled


No matter what anyone says, I still like this song! Sounds, pictures … everything in this MV is good


With fame comes hatred as well, yet those bullies can’t change the fact the Sung is best. 


I don’t understand when I listen to this song again, I want to dance


Why does it seem like Koreans always starting beef with other countries? As soon as they hear or see something they don’t like, they swarm their target with racist slurs and insults… These people definitely have a superiority complex since they’re trying to feel superior when really, they feel inferior to other developed nations. Not too long ago Korea was a poor country that was looked down upon. Now that they have gotten rich, they’re looking down on other countries to feel better about themselves. By the way, I fully understand that it is not all Koreans. There are plenty… Read more »


@Ari You are not wrong about this. No offense to the good Koreans, but I think the kpop hype drove many Koreans ego up. Many parts of Korea don’t even look like a first world country. I’ve been there and I know what the country looks like outside of Seoul. There are parts that look so cold and depressing, I would not even think of living there. Buildings and complexes all look the same lined up side by side. People are jobless and in debt. There are so many Koreans moving to VN to find a new life but they… Read more »


This shows how big of a star is Song Tung. He’s an international icon. With love comes hate from those who envy you or are not as good as you.


man people can be so harsh especially online when they hide behind their screens using a fake username. This artist should go all the way to prove his critics wrong.

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