NewsSon Tung M-TP Gets Love From BTS Fans for Mentioning BTS With Sincerity During Sky Tour Press Conference

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In a video that was released on the KINGLIVE YouTube channel on July 9th, 2019, Sơn Tùng M-TP mentioned BTS when he was answering a question during his press conference to introduce his concert tour named Sky Tour. This created a big surprise for Kpop fans in general and BTS fans because they couldn’t imagine that M-TP also loves BTS. On message boards and social media, there has been some rivalry and harsh exchanges between Sky (M-TP fandom) and Army (BTS fandom) dating back several years. This press conference video reached over 600,000 views on YouTube within six days.

As reported, Sơn Tùng said that “when I look at the Korean band – BTS, I’m very proud for the Korean people because I am also Asian. And when I see Asians achieve in America, I feel like they wake up the dream in my heart and I feel extreme admiration. I wish I could see this sooner. Although, I have to admit that Việt Nam’s music is not named on the world music map yet, I wish one day I can stand side by side with foreign artists and tell them that Việt Nam has many talented artists like myself that you don’t know about.”

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son tung mtp sky tour press


“BTS sings their language in America, wearing their styles, dancing their way and doing whatever they want in the US. They gave me the key to open my dream. That’s why I have to do it, I have to follow their path. Despite, I don’t know how the result will be or whether my efforts will fail, I’m still happy because I can live and be myself”.

MTP BTS interview


Before, most of the Kpop fans including BTS fans didn’t like Sơn Tùng because M-TP supposedly plagiarized “Fire” of BTS and “We Don’t Talk Anymore” of Charlie Puth in “Chúng Ta Không Thuộc Về Nhau”. He also organized Sơn Tùng M-TP Seoul Fan Meeting 2017 in Korea at the place where BTS organized a fan meeting before. He had many accusations and bad rumors such as, “Chắc Ai Đó Sẽ Về” was the same as “Because I Miss You” of Jung Yong Hwa, “Em Của Ngày Hôm Qua” was like “Every Night” of EXID, Tùng’s outfit at Sky Connection concert night was similar to BTS member Suga when he attended in MAMA Award Ceremony 2016 at HongKong, etc.

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vpop 90 million views hay trao cho anh

Source: M-TP’s facebook page

However, some of these accusations were outlandish most likely originating from antis of M-TP during his early career in an attempt to bring him down but he has persevered through it all and has not slowed down one bit. In fact, his latest song featuring Snoop Dogg “Hãy Trao Cho Anh” released only two weeks ago is his fastest growing MV with over 93 million views already. It has 66 million views more than BTS’ “Lights” which was released a day after M-TP’s “Hãy Trao Cho Anh”.

After Sơn Tùng M-TP mentioned BTS, he received many compliments from netizens especially from the BTS Army. They left many thanks to Sơn Tùng because of his kind words towards their idol group. On the other hand, many of them also became Sky (Sơn Tùng’s fandom) and this was welcoming news for everyone. The main reason why M-TP captured the love was because of his sincerity, humility and the respect that he gave to BTS.

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MTP Hay Trao Cho Anh


In addition, supporters also realized that Sơn Tùng used a phone case that has the image of Shooky (cartoon character that belongs to BT21 that was created by Suga of BTS). This made Army community (BTS fandom) very happy and they thought that Tùng is an Army too. Now Sky and Army don’t argue anymore and they hope one-day Sơn Tùng can gain the achievements like BTS. If M-TP can do this, it will mark a big step for Việt Nam’s music footprint in America.

In the video, Sơn Tùng also said that he didn’t compare himself with any other artists and he didn’t allow him to do that. Many supporters accessed that Tùng has a gold personality which is why he collected the largest number of fans in Việt Nam.

KINGLIVE Sky Tour press conference:

Hay Trao Cho Anh:


BTS of Hay Trao Cho Anh:

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