MusicBinz Tells His Rags To Riches Story in “021” (Zero To One) Music Video Featuring Touliver

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“021” is an outstanding collaboration between Binz and Touliver. The song’s name means zero to one, which describes Binz’s journey from the starting point to being successful.

“021” is a catchy melody performed by Binz and the music was also composed by him. The music video “021” was released on October 4th, 2020 on Binz Da Poet’s YouTube Channel.

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021 zero to one binz rapviet

source: “021” MV

The music video “021” is a diary that describes the mature journey in the music of Binz. He has worked hard in the recording studio for ten years. Being successful right now, Binz went through many difficulties, and his success is well deserved.

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021 zero to one binz touliver rapviet

source: Binz The Poet’s Facebook page

The music video “021” describes a worthwhile journey, also a big dream, and the determination of Binz through some verses.

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“Căn phòng đầy những tờ giấy nhàu nát” – “The room is full of the crumpled papers”

“Không biết thay cảm xúc bằng thứ nào khác” – “do not know replace the emotions by other things”

“Viết rồi xóa những giai điệu không hay” – “Writing and deleting melodies which are not good”

“Có thể dành trọn đời rượt đuổi kiệt tác” – “Can spend the whole life pursuing the masterpiece”

binz 021 rapviet touliver

source: “021” MV

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Due to the attractive and catchy melody combined with the quality pictures and colors, the MV “021” received many positive comments from the audiences. Furthermore, the audiences are also attracted by Binz’s fancy outfits.

binz 021 rapviet vpop

source: “021” MV

The music video “021” currently has over 9.7 million views on YouTube and 1.2 million listens on Zing MP3. Let’s enjoy this splendid song like other songs of Binz such as “BIGCITYBOI” (Binz, Touliver), “Phía Sau Em” (Kay Trần, Binz), “OK” and “Sao Cũng Được”.

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