Music“Chau Con Tien Rong Ngai Gi Corona” Released to Encourage the Fighting Spirit Against Coronavirus

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On April 9th, 2020 “Cháu Con Tiên Rồng Ngại Gì Corona” MV officially aired on YouTube channel with the performance of singers: Nguyên Jenda, Phạm Việt Thắng, Yến Tatoo, Bảo Yến Rosie and Ý Tiên.

This is another project that Vietnamese artists collaborated in to transfer the positive spirit and energy to the doctors and the whole society in the fight against the dangerous pandemic – coronavirus.

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coronavirus vpop chau con tien rong ngai gi corona


Although Viet Nam has gained some outstanding milestones during a period of fighting this pandemic, we should be cautious because many threats can happen anytime. The pandemic has caused many pains and losses, however listening to that song can boost our spirit and have more energy to overcome the coronavirus thanks to the vibrant melodies and inspired vocal voices from the artists.

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Chau Con Tien Rong Ngai Gi Corona vpop music


The artists do not prepare a luxury stage or invest in high-tech equipment, it is just a normal recording studio. However, the listeners feel comfortable and interested in enjoying that song maybe because the simple things easily reach deep into their hearts. Each person is a soldier, each house is a fort, therefore we will defeat this pandemic soon.

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Chau Con Tien Rong Ngai Gi Coronavirus


“We work for you so you stay at home for us” is a message that each person should know and obey strictly to help slow down and flatten the curve of the coronavirus.

Chau Con Tien Rong Ngai Gi Corona:

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