MusicChillies Releases Their Very First Album “Qua Khung Cua So”

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Chillies officially launched their first album in their singing calling “Qua Khung Cửa Sổ”. The album includes ten songs that each belongs to diverse kinds of music and contains different stories.

One interesting thing is that all the songs in “Qua Khung Cửa Sổ” were composed by Trần Duy Khang – a vocalist, songwriter of the group. Besides, it was stated that Chillies’s first album was produced by Nhiếm Biển (Guitar Lead) and Si Fu Huynh (Drummer), both of them are Chillies’s members.

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Chillies’ engaging singing voice eloquently tells ten different stories in ten different pieces. Because the group doesn’t quite adhere to any particular musical genre, Chillies’ “Qua Khung Ca S” emphasizes the diversity of the music.

Even though Chillies used a variety of musical styles, each song on the album “Qua Khung Cửa Sổ” is still branded with Chillies‘ features and peculiarities. As a result, the lyrics are trending up and more of a storyline, likely to touch many souls on a deeper level.

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The song’s album, in particular, captures the Chillies’ team spirit uniquely. Not only does the audience have seen the Chillies‘ passion, but they can also feel the group members’ shared voice in every song. Up to now, Chillies has treated their fans with seven released songs which are included in the album “Qua Khung Cửa Số”. These songs are “Vùng Ký Ức”, “Em Đừng Khóc”, “Đường Chân Trời” (Alternative Rock), “Bao Nhiêu”, “Qua Khung Cửa Sổ”, “Mascara” (Pop), “Giá Như”, “Mộng du” (Synthpop), “Ms May” and “Một Cái Tên” (R&B/Hip-hop). The songs help mark Chillies name in the Vietnam music market and promptly becomes massive hits.

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Qua Khung Cua So (Highlights):

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Oh wow I am loving their new songs, will have to check the rest from their album soon. 


Among those song, I like “Vùng Ký Ức” the most, really impressed


Chillies’ music is always something that touches my emotional circuit. Tired days do not want to do anything, just lie down and listen to music and immerse.