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MusicErik Releases “Ta Cung Chill” Featuring DTAP to Help De-Stress Those in Lockdown

Quinn2 months ago

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Erik has just officially released the new MV “Ta Cùng Chill”, entertaining and helping the audience to overcome stress and exhaustion amid the intense outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam.

The MV “Ta Cùng Chill” by Erik and DTAP promptly received a tumultuous welcome and positive feedback from hundreds of thousands of young people and was widely shared on Facebook, TikTok, and other social media platforms.  ta cung chill mv

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credit: “Ta Cùng Chill” MV

The MV was composed by Erik in the attempt to help ease the strain and exhaustion that millions of netizens are suffering in this time of crisis due to the 4th outbreak of COVID-19 in Vietnam. Erik will take the audience on a virtual bus trip.

erik ta cung chill mv

credit: “Ta Cùng Chill” MV

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The MV turned on the chill mood, bringing a sense of peace to dispel stress and anxiety during the pandemic period and spreading positive energy to young people. With a cheerful, gentle melody and spectacular scenes on a virtual ride – “Chuyến xe Không Độ”, The MV “Ta Cùng Chill” promises to give the audience a wonderful time watching it.

erik ta cung chill

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credit: “Ta Cùng Chill” MV

The “Chuyến xe Không Độ” does not stop with the MV “Ta Cùng Chill”, it will continue to take millions of netizens to the program “Không Độ calm & cool”. The initiative is expected to calm millions of hearts and assist young people in overcoming exhaustion during this lengthy and tiring lockdown.

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Ta Cung Chill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7glKQzvlhdA

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Hope Vietnam quickly steps through the pandemic so we can chill together. Be strong💪💪


Aaaa really wanna escape from the lockdown..

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