MusicJack Comes Back With “Laylalay” After a 3 Month Hiatus

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After three months missing in action, Jack is officially back with the first song of 2021 named “Laylalay” on April 12th.

Not only did Jack perform the song, but Jack was also the one composing it. Besides, DTAP – a music producer – also partook in this MV.

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jack laylalay vpop music

credit: “Laylalay” MV

The MV “Laylalay” was filmed by a young, talented female director, Đinh Hà Uyên Thư. In the MV, Jack played the role of a millennial vampire who falls in love with a gorgeous girl. However, they were separated by two bad escorts. In the afterlife, Jack resuscitates to be a famous singer and finds the girl to proceed their love.

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laylalay jack 97 vpop

credit: “Laylalay” MV

However, the two evil escorts do not give up on them. They kidnap the girl to threaten Jack. Instead of accepting to leave to save her life as the last time he did, Jack decides to turn her into a vampire so that they could permanently stay together. The story built in the MV was well-received as the result of its unprecedented and enticing plots. Moreover, Jack also focused more on investing in the MV’s scene quality this time.

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laylalay jack vpop

credit: “Laylalay” MV

Even though the MV is wonderful, there are still some unreasonable details that made the audience question. For instance, how the vampire could go under the sun, or how those escorts could do space travel while they are technically human only.

jack laylalay poster

credit: Jack’s Facebook Fan Page

Having said that, Jack and his production crew have also done incredible work. The MV was successful with over 30 million views. It also gained one million views within 30 minutes after its release, and within 10 hours “Laylalay” reached the Top 1 YouTube trending.

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Jack looks more mature in this MV. I’m happy by his back. His voice stills amazing as usual


Jack definitely rocked this MV again 💯


He sure did add a tone of love for us in this MV ❤️


Solid back on stage by Jack. Love the song. I didn’t view video before I saw this post it’s still pretty good


@hangmoon37 ikr it’s good to have him back 💯🤘


Man! Like Jack has some amazing potential. This is my first listen to his music and I’m stunned. Like WOW.


Welcome back to Jack, happy to see him making music again. It’s clearly what he was born to do. 


@nick true that. Like born to be a legend ✨

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