MusicMasew Adds His Unique Touch To B RAY and Young H’s “Dung Tin Her”

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After the song “Boy Mỹ Con”, in the association with a music producer Masew, and a co-worker – Young H, B RAY continued to launch another big hit named “Đừng Tin Her”.

It should come as no surprise that the song received such a tumultuous welcome from the public as B RAY always knows how to amaze his fans. Within 24 hours after the song was officially released, it immediately attained a million views and thousands of comments.

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b ray dung tin her rap mv

source: “Đừng Tin Her” MV

The theme and content of the MV “Đừng Tin Her” revolve around love stories in the 4.0 age when high-tech devices and dating apps take control of how people meet and get to know one another.

b ray dung tin her viet rap music

source: “Đừng Tin Her” MV

Besides, the life of gross self-indulgence of youngsters has a tremendous impact on how they perceive the precise notion of love. Owing to the song “Đừng Tin Her”, B RAY and Young H aimed to satirize the love based on materials and sexual benefits because it consequently contributes to the loss of the spirit of true love between men and women.

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b ray dung tin her music video

source: B RAY’s Facebook

In the MV, B RAY has been through many expeditious relationships, but he gets fed up with them already. Since then, he is determined to advise people not to follow such an unhealthy lifestyle.

dung tin her b ray

source: “Đừng Tin Her” MV

Contributing to the resounding success of the song is the peculiar beat of Masew. For those who do not know, Masew is the very hitmaker of many massive hits such as “Tuý Âm”, “Trong Thành Phố”, “Điều Khác Lạ”, etc. But most importantly, Masew also appeared in the MV.

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Dung Tin Her:

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Pretty good for a first impression song for me. Like this is the first song I’m listening to by B Ray. Good stuff I’m gonna look in more to his other songs he produced. 


haha I love the music video, and I am loving the song so far. Great stuff! 


@amy I agree, the song and the video both are amazing. I loving this as well.