MusicMONSTAR Comes Back With MV “Co Hen Voi Thanh Xuan” Showing Innocent Moments of Their First Love

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The MV “Có Hẹn Với Thanh Xuân” was officially released by MONSTAR. It symbolizes the return of the boys after a two-year-long hiatus.

The MV is also a gift from MONSTAR to their fans who have consistently supported the group over the years. The MV “Có Hẹn Với Thanh Xuân” demonstrates five different dating scenes of each member of MONSTAR.

monstar co hen voi thanh xuan vpop

credit: MONSTAR ST.319’s Facebook

In the MV, all five singers had romantic dating moments with Klaudia, the female lead. The woman promised to go to the rear of the hill at the end of each date with each of them.

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monstar co hen voi thanh xuan vpop music video

credit: MONSTAR ST.319’s Facebook

Eventually, the girl turns out to represent the youth of those boys. At the end of the MV, they arrived at the location where the girl had told them to be, and all gazed in the same direction. The image that the girl gradually vanished means that all members in MONSTAR are now becoming more mature as their youth has passed.

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The song “Có Hẹn Với Thanh Xuân” was written by the two members NICKY and GREY D. It is shared that the time spent on nurturing the song was quite long as the group wanted to deliver a proper song with high quality in both content and music. The song’s content focuses on evoking the story that anyone has ever gone through in their life – the story of first love, about the experiences of youth.

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The MV “Có Hẹn Với Thanh Xuân” which was filmed in Đà Lạt, features remarkably clear and beautiful imagery.  From the perspective of young people, Đà Lạt city appears to be full of passion in MONSTAR’s MV.

Everything looks magnificent, from the pine forest to the back of the hill to the sunset and Đà Lạt at night, making young people nostalgic for their youth.

Co Hen Voi Thanh Xuan:

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Thanks to the author for making such a lovely song. I feel a lot of pressure these days, I’m really tired; Listening to a song makes me feel a little better. Thank you!



You did a great job and cheer up I wish you luck


The song is so awesome ! Thank you Monstar and team for creating this music product <3


Hope MONSTAR will release more Beat version <3 Great song


Congratulations Monster brothers! Music finally brings emotions


I’ve known Monstar right from the debut song “Baby”, and this song really impressed me from the first time I heard it, the lyric + melody is impeccable :( Thank you for the group’s song, contributing to the development of our country’s music industry.


It took me a few times to realize that was the same girl throughout the video! LOL Did anyone else not notice that right away? Maybe it is only me. Some stuff goes right over my head. 


I like how it shows the differences and personalities of each individual in the group. You get more of a sense of their character and what they are about without them even speaking about it. 

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