MusicSpaceSpeakers Teams Up With Free Fire for “Freaky Squad” MV

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The MV “Freaky Squad” is music video collaboration between SpaceSpeakers group and Free Fire released on November 30th. Still a club banger type beat with clear bass, the melody that Touliver brings for listeners in “Freaky Squad” makes them seem unable to stop dancing.

Moreover, “Freaky Squad” also makes the audience satisfied with the images of four rappers. Rhymastic appears in the first music video with a hip hop swag style. Soobin is always on trend with futuristic outfits. Binz appeared again with a striking and trendy outfit. Touliver impressed viewers with a long black coat with a cool and calm demeanor.

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Not only bringing to the public a cautious work, but “Freaky Squad” also has meaningful content. The first person who appears in this MV is Rhymastic. He stands in a house decorated in retro style with many billboards. On each billboard is a series of words such as “Golden”, “Rhyme”, “Clown”, “Monkey” and “Heat”, which seems to talk about his funny and cool character.

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Best of all, there is an appearance of a PC game called Free Fire. If you notice carefully, you can see a name called “Moco” who is the famous female character in the game. Moreover, the line “Life is a Battle – Battle in Style” is the popular tagline that is being promoted by this game company in the last months of the year. Along with that, you can see the line “Booyah”. It is the word that is announced when gamers win. All the images in the MV is a collaboration between SpaceSpeakers and Garena’s Free Fire.

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Next is Soobin, different from his usual appearance, the singer plays a bartender. If you are a fan of Free Fire, you will realize that the 5 photos on the neon blue shelf are all the best guns of Free Fire: AK blue dragon, MP40 magic card, the Scar water god, UMP style, XM8 lightning. And he is surrounded by microphones, which shows that even if he is considered unfit to be a rapper due to the wave of public opinion, he has always asserted himself in the rap industry with his ability.

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Next, Binz had a spectacular makeover, switching directly from black and white clothing to pink outfits. This illustrates that he is always learning and developing himself on his artistic path. SpaceSpeakers also released a CGI version of their music video a month later with the creation of animated characters with computer software that is 90% similar to the artists in real life. The images of Rhymastic, Soobin, Binz, and Touliver have transformed into 3D model images, making viewers extremely excited. “Freaky Squad” MV with elaborate investment in both images and music has become a a big hit in 2021 with over 26 million views to date.

Freaky Squad:

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I have heard of Free Fire but never listened to their music. I have heard 2 or three by SpaceSpeakers though. I can’t say that this is music I normally enjoy listening to but it is catchy. It would make for a good video game soundtrack song. 


This is fire!!! 💣 
I have heard a few of their other songs but never one with a collab. They need to make more of these. Such a good summer jam. 


Great collaboration! I am not sure if they ever did a song together before or not, anyone know? 
Either way, this one is going to be added to my Youtube playlist right now!


I really like that CGI video! So colorful and flashy. The music is catchy as well. I think this is a good song to put on when you are just hanging out with friends or for parties.  


@caphekitty I was going to say the same thing. I love this and I hope it becomes a trend. So many music videos all look alike but this one stands out in a great way. 

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