MusicUni5 Makes an Impressive Comeback With “Noi Doi Ca The Gioi Vi Em” MV + Dance Performance

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After a long time missing in action, Uni5 came back with the new MV “Nói Dối Cả Thế Giới Vì Em” on September 15th.

While many artists were focusing on producing ballad songs, Uni5 creatively chose to go with the rap – hip hop music that was composed by a renowned songwriter and a member of the group, Lục Huy.

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noi doi ca the gioi vi em uni5

source: Uni5’s Facebook

That could also be seen as an exquisite change of Uni5 compared to all the previous songs of theirs. “Nói Dối Cả Thế Giới Vì Em” belongs to the rap, hip-hop music genre that is also enormously prevailing in the current Vietnamese music market.

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uni5 vpop boyband

source: Uni5’s Facebook

It is said that this comeback of Uni5 did put a mark on their career development. Apart from the surge of view of the song “Nói Dối Cả Thế Giới Vì Em” on the NhacCuaTui chart, the MV itself also engaged a great number of views on YouTube.

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uni5 noi doi ca the gioi vi em vpop music

source: Uni5’s Facebook

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It is obvious to see that Uni5 gave a large amount of effort in preparing the dance and acting in the MV “Nói Dối Cả Thế Giới Vì Em”. Therefore, the audience could see their progress in this project, as well as their music career, straightforwardly. Moreover, according to the entertainment company that Uni5 are working for, they spent more than 2 billion VND on investing in the filming production, and that was the most abundant capital spending ever on Uni5’s projects.

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uni5 noi doi ca the gioi vi em

source: Uni5’s Facebook

It took almost over a year for the song’s inspiration and preparation. Recently, in the Hot Trend show of Thanh Niên editorial office, Uni5 has also given another enticing version of the song “Nói Dối Cả Thế Giới Vì Em” to all their beloved audiences. Additionally, they also stated that the upcoming projects would be coming soon.

Noi Doi Ca The Gioi Vi Em:

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I just followed them up and man I’m impressed. These guys are 🔥. The music and the videos are so amazing. It’s like love at first sight. 


I wish for there better future. 


Uni5 is so lit! Their music and music videos are just phenomenal. I wish the whole world would fall in love with their music.


The group is always loveable. 


Best Artist’s. Beautiful dancing, singing, or rapping, his visuals are still cool!


I feel this is a great MV. All Uni5 members are very talented and everything has to be said to be perfect from the investment and promotion stage.


They still not one of the top artists in Vietnam. More like a weak mid-tier. But I guess it’s better than being hated as Zero9 or going nowhere like Oplusband.


Ah the talent they all possess. I wish I was in a boy band like this. I can sing, but not good enough sadly. :(

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